Here are all of the submissions I have received or pestered people for since starting this blog.  These exclude any blots that were part of any Sensory Overload, but will probably contain some from individual Redemptions as they were submitted.

They are listed by date (click on the day to view the entry) and have the volunteers listed underneath.  If you spy yourself on this page, and would like me to link your name to your site or somewhere, just drop me a line.

In order of appearance (not anymore!):

Mrs. Slendy, Nadia, Cockshiner, Janus Kane, Angry Vegetarian, Dan, Nubulis, 3rd Shift Clerk, Cliff Miller, The Lazy Geographer, Dalek, Ziggeh, Anonymous, Bavita, Mr. Bouchard, Sucio, Classically Trained Nub, Noog, Les, Hannah, Springy, Colin B, Rob J, 420Anons, Rob Steal, Dustee, Snicklesox, Rats, Ben, Allen, Woodlouse...

Submissions from 2010

Oct. 11
Mrs. Slendy

Oct. 12

Oct. 13

Oct. 14
Janus Kane, Angry Vegetarian

Oct. 15
Janus Kane, Dan, Angry Vegetarian

Oct. 18

Oct. 22
3rd Shift Clerk

Oct. 23
Cliff Miller, Cockshiner, The Lazy Geographer

Oct. 28
Angry Vegetarian

Oct. 29
Cliff Miller, Dalek, Angry Vegetarian, Nadia

Nov. 1

Nov. 5

Nov. 10

Nov. 11

Nov. 12
Dalek, Nadia

Nov. 13
Dan, Dalek, Angry Vegetarian

Nov. 15
Dan, Dalek (x 3)

Nov. 16

Nov. 17
Dalek, Angry Vegetarian

Nov. 18
Ziggeh, Angry Vegetarian, Colin B, Anonymous, Dalek, Bavita, Dan

Nov. 19
Dan, Dalek, Ziggeh, Colin B

Nov. 22

Nov. 23
Dan, Dalek, Me

Nov. 26
Mr. Bouchard

Nov. 29
Bouchard, Dalek

Nov. 30
Colin B., Angry Vegetarian

Dec. 1

Dec. 6
Dalek, Angry Vegetarian

Dec. 7
Cockshiner, Bouchard, Classically Trained Nub, Nadia, Sucio

Dec. 9
Sucio, CTN, Cockshiner

Dec. 17
Bouchard, Spattering of folk from 420chan.

Dec. 20
Nadia, Anonymous

Dec. 21

Dec. 22

Dec. 24
Noog, Sucio

Dec. 28
Nadia, Les, Sucio

Dec. 29
Me, Les, Noog, Nadia, Sucio

Dec. 30
Cockshiner, Me, Springy

Jan. 3
Sucio, Me

Jan. 21
Ben, Noog, Sucio

Jan. 26
Dustee, Snicklesox, Allen, Sucio

Jan. 31
Dustee, Anonymous (x 3!)

Feb. 8
??? (Dun Dun Dun!)

Feb. 24
Nadia, Anonymous

Feb. 28

Mar. 2
Nadia, Anon (x 2!)

Mar. 23

April 17
420chan Anonymous

April 18

April 19
Colin B.

April 26
Nadia, 4.4, Anonymous

May 21

May 26

July 15
Rob Steal, 4.4, Anonymous

July 23
Session 6 Inkblots

Sep. 6
Mrs. Slendy

Oct. 7
Rob J.

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