Thursday, December 30

Inkblot Of The Day (Thursday)

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Just.  Don't ask.  I'm still messing about trying to figure out how to remove the fold line.  I kinda like this one, despite what I see in it.

Seems like it is time again for these reminders:

1)  No need to worry about feeling Paint inadequate!  If you have seen any of the blots or episodes from the beginning, you know you can't get too much worse than General Failure.  Remember, it is not about the art, it's about the interpretation.

2)  Not everyone is going to see something everyday.  It's not a slight on your brain.  If you don't see something, just take some random pills from a random person on a random street and report back here.

3)  I realize that some of you are just being cheeky when you ask things like "I see (xyz), am I crazy?" but you should realize that in the scheme of things (and in the real Rorschach Test) just asking that question gives away something about your personality.  We may not be doctors, but we are observers.  So don't sweat it!  If you are responding, it is just assumed that you are a few speakers shy of surround sound, which is a great way to get in to

I can't tell if The Cockshiner is struggling with his honesty, or his sexuality.  Like a real man (if you have been to his blog you know that from his voice there is a 90% [you never know!] chance he is a man,) he makes no excuses though:
I don't know about the rest of you, but it's the people watching that turns me on.

I'll just slip mine in here.  It's some racists about to get owned by a mutated sea creature:
Hmm...can't see the fishing rod.  CLICK TO ENRAGE.

SpringyB, in a trend I've noticed with a few people (nothing bad,) has got video games on the brains.  Why did I pluralize that?  I don't know.  Roll 3d6 against INT for me.  These are the hydras from Zelda rising out of the swamp shooting out fireballs.
"...except they have angry eyebrows."

I am kinda speeding along here; like it says in the header, things will slow down to our regular pace after the new year.  See you tomorrow.  Oh yeah, thanks contributors!

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  1. I see a very weird top angle shot of a ninja standing in the middle of the Santa Claus he just eviscerated.

  2. I see a hippo-headed melon wizard with a cape.

  3. Cockshiner's piece is magnificent.

    I struggle a bit with the bi-colored blots.
    I just see Santa flashing his ginger Brazilian in this one.

  4. Those racist fishermen are about to be eaten for lunch.

    Wish I looked at this image last night. I'm not quite as sharply analytical when sober. I emailed you my MSPaint, though :)

  5. Heh, I like your fold lines, about the only way to get them out is to rub rapidly... Beware ep. 2.5!! Days away dude... Just days...

  6. I just realized that my hydras kinda look suspiciously like Trogdor.


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