Wednesday, December 29

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

Yeah, I was kinda going bug-eyed in Photoshop since I have no clue what I am doing in there.  I thought I better quit while I was ahead.  I did take Dustee's combination suggestion (since she was first and a firm fan of Milli Vanilli)  but things got flipped around and I broke the hues and saturations and what-nots.

I added several more people to The Regulars section (Classy, Bouchard, Sucio.)  Please keep in mind that it's all for fun, yeah?  Let me know if I made some egregious error in doing this.

I know that I missed someone from November, I just can't figure out who.  There are some new Regulars too; just trying to stay chronological.  Also, I know that I have a lot of text-based regulars, who I appreciate, but if I went and started listing you guys and gals I'd never do any blots.  Well, that sounded pretentious.

Sooooo, lets just move on to my first attempt at anything with the draw pad in the

It's a wizard Woody Allen snake with glasses summoning some ghosts from his eyebrows.  
Hopefully you will cut me some slack as I learn how to draw.

Les is back (two days in a row means you have the crazies) with a nice piece which he calls I'll Stop Drawing Misshapen Skulls When You Do.  Oh, I see.  I make one little inkblot with decidedly noticeable "eyeballs" and it's my fault you are seeing what you are seeing?  Pfft!  Someone better check the straps on your jacket.
You should see it with the skin ON!

Now we have NooG, and I am not going to say he wasn't clear-headed, because he said he wasn't yesterday.    It's all good for us though!  Check out his fancy non-snake, non-monkey, Yeti-like/teletubby creature (his words, not mine!):
Look at all that hair!  Click not just to enlarge, but to FEEL it's fur.

Back to carve up the blots is Suciô Sanchez, and his title is as entertaining as his interpretation:

Nadia is here again (sort of, not on this blog, but through the forums) with his own style dipping in to the...Animal Planet channel?  This interpretation brought to you by David Attenborough.
"Two gorillas fight using stems and leaves.  The loser falls in a pit of mud and feces. "

Thanks guys!  These are impressive.  I've been slowly telling my family and IRL friends about this blog, and it is submissions like these that make me feel all tingly when they raise their eyebrows in concern for me.

Hopefully they won't read what any of you crazies post though, that would totally fuck me over. :D


  1. I see a sad clown with giant lips and a bad goatee.

  2. i see loads of lesbian sex going on.

  3. that last one is great! that's one hell of an imagination

  4. Don't sell yourself short, NooG. Your submission is pretty damn awesome.

  5. These are awesome :o I would submit some, but I don't think MS Paint crap is really good :(

  6. I see two of those snake things that live in Misery Mire.

  7. I see a butterfly in reverse. "Tell me doc, i'm a whackjob ain't i?"

  8. Sadly, I see nothing again. But I'm gonna doodle on it until I do see something. That should get my imagination working again.

  9. I see something, but I'm not going to bother to describe it using words. I'll send you the drawing.

    All these other interpretations are so well rendered compared to my MS Paint tomfoolery.

  10. That first one looks like 6 armed Buddha


What do you see?