Tuesday, December 28

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

Red ink, not blood.
Ok.  I think most of the holiday/family/snow shenanigans are over.  I doubt things will be FULLY back in to swing until after New Year's (+1 day recovery time.)  I still haven't had a chance to take the drawpad out of the box, but I most absolutely will tomorrow.  I appreciate your patience.

I've learned that my multiple-color inkblots will work better in one of two ways:  Waiting for the first set of colors to dry before applying the second (duh) OR just scan them and shoop them together.

Note: I was not going for any Xmas colors.
Any ideas for combinations out of this batch?  I was just going to play mix and match, but if your mind's eye sees a good combo, let me know.  The top-left cyan one is pretty bad-ass to me, so I might not mess with it.
Speaking of messed with, it's a good time to look at


I can't seem to find the original blot, but Nadia had done this with it:
He left a YouTube video to explain himself (always a bonus with anyone) which I do not feel like embedding:
It's dude getting his brain sucked out in Starship Troopers.
He also did one from Friday's (which was also Tuesday's.)  Yar.  Thanks, Nadia.  Thadia.
Gol D. Roger

Les (You have TWO blogs? Madman!) took the blot and made it his own with this cornucopia of imagery.  (Yes, I was going to say "cornucopia of crazies" but I am trying not to insult people right off the bat with their first submission.)
Scary Jack-In-The-Box?  Odd Pringles can?  This makes me want to take Grandma's medicines.

If you take a look at Suciô Sanchez's response from this past Friday, you might have noticed he had a second vision on the blot.  He had something a tad dirtier (dicks) in mind, which I (for some reason) encouraged.  He struck a middle ground with "Two-tankhamun"
If duel Mona Lisa bras does not make you chuckle, you are dead inside.

Sorry for the double emails, lads.  Just wanted to make sure you got my thanks.

Oh, while I have removed the Content Warning on this blog, please feel free to respond with your mind unhindered in text or picture form.  Feel free to email your interpretations (or anything you wish) to st.inkblots@gmail.com!


  1. Welcome back RR! :) I see two very sad people(?), each grabbing a horn of Satan, giving high-fives as they are about to ride into hell.
    I had to click the image to get all of it though, it only 1/2 loads on the page.
    Love the other blots too.
    I think if you put the top red with the top left cyan and the bottom right cyan with the red one above it, that might be nice. Take Care.

  2. Oh wait, these inkblots are DAILY?! Heck, I might just start up another blog for my responses to you.
    The two bottom inkblots might look pretty rad together, with the blue dots a foil to the red lines.

  3. a bunch of spermatozoa frantically circling the ovaries

  4. I'm not on my computer so I can't do anything but I see two gorillas high-fiving over a ram face!

  5. saw a yeti, snake, and monkey... but i wouldn't say i'm clear-headed at the moment

  6. Hmm, I just don't see anything in today's blot. I think my imagination (or subconscious) is tired.

  7. Mine too. I broke Classy yesterday, so today I need a break from thinking =P. Hai Rorschach!!!! *wave*

  8. The crazy king one is an amazing interpretation :D

  9. I'm dead inside, but not because Mona Lisa's 2 bras don't make me laugh.

    I see the Blob from 'Ugly Americans', complete with comic Groucho Marx glasses, nose, and stache.


  10. I'm seeing an alien with a large cranium.

  11. that is definitely a chimpanzee.


What do you see?