Tuesday, December 7

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday)

I see so many things.  Now, bring on the crazies:

User-Submitted Interpretations From Yesterday

The Cockshiner has seen some mean streets in the past, but none that compare to the alleyways of his mind.  (I imagine they smell like urine.)  I'm sure this interpretation says something about you on a personal level, but I'd rather you just stay away from my wallet:

Switching from noob to regular, Mr. Bouchard (who can email me any interpretations anytime at st.inkblots@gmail.com) sent in his diabolical interpretation:
Wait, what the hell is that in the first place?!

Next up...he did give me a proper abbreviation so I didn't have to type out "Classically Trained Nub", but I felt for his first time around Classy should at least be given that small courtesy even though he didn't bring enough Maskless Predators to share with the rest of the class:
Those are "planet\star\system things in the background."

Nadia, possibly gearing up for the holidays, drew Santa dragging a two-headed reindeer in to the words to bury it.  Don't mess with genetics and your dream for the ultimate sleigh-puller, Santa!:
He ain't always jolly.

Suciô Sanchez popped by and used the blot in a new (at least to me) way to make a little something that I found very imaginative that he calls "Rabid Rabbits." 

“"I don't see much sense in that," said Rabbit. 

So yeah, that's a pretty cool technique.  Thanks to all the new and old submitters, and to anyone that left a text response.  I do read them!  I feel today's post made me very content.
Feel free to send any email my way: st.inkblots@gmail.com!


  1. I see the spider descending on Miss Muffet and ready to bite.

  2. I originally saw an evil Goomba with Spawn-type eyes. But as I was drawing the mandibles, I realized that goombas don't have mandibles. So I made a predator instead. Today's inkblot should be fun, because the first thing I saw was one bad ass mofo.

  3. Those are some good pictures from everyone!

    I'm just now commenting because I couldn't see anything with this blot at first. I think it's my time of the month with my brain period or something. I took another look at it and the only thing I can make out is the little part at the bottom/middle. I see a feline version of Jesus. I wish I had good enough drawing skills to actually show that, but I don't. Just picture Jesus as a lion.

  4. I can see it A-Veg. I will try to highlight it...

  5. i don't know why i can never see anything in these ink blots... what does that mean??

  6. The new one is a sumo wrestler with his arms flexed on the sides.

  7. I see a man wearing a backpack performing oral sex on some sort of fire monster.


What do you see?