Monday, December 6

Great Background You Have There. Followin'!

"A pelvic bone ravaged by cancer...or a seafood buffet."  - Unablogger

Yes, that is the same blot from Friday.  It intrigues me, and I want it to have a little more "air time."

So jumping back to the blot from Thursday...Dalek sent this is and I just can't make out the word above "panda."  DAMN. PANDAS. EVERYWHERE.

Panda Radical?

I have two from The Angry Vegetarian.   One from Thursday and one from Wednesday:

For this one I see an Asian man with antlers. Kind of a stereotypical/racist portrayal of an Asian, but I can only blame the cartoons I watched when growing up.

Did you think of the "horny" pun before or after drawing this?!
It's Krang (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) on the backs of two sad mermaids.
Well of course they are sad!  Look at their current role!  I actually thought your mermaids were topless overweight dudes looking at a giant piece of green candy.  Not that we should start saying what we are seeing off what other's have already seen.  That could cause problems.

Thanks, gents.  Your contributions are always appreciated, sorry if I did not respond via email.  And thank you to everyone for your text answers.  If I forget to say that from time to time, it should NOT be assumed; probably one of you has really scared me with your interpretation and ruined it for the rest of us.  :D


  1. Kinda looks like the Queen Zerg from Starcraft...

  2. LOL! (oh yes I really truly laughed out loud.) But anyways...

    your background is really nice too...

    sorry didn't feel it important to actually comment on your post.


  3. Damn, you're right. It does look like two overweight dudes. My paint skills don't involve being able to differentiate between male or female, except when I draw weenies.

    I love the blot, but today is just one of those days where I literally can't come up with anything. I've tried standing back from it, squinting, looking at it sideways and upside down.....nothing :(

  4. hahahahha more air time. at elast ur honest

  5. Here we go!

  6. I said "It's a fish panda. Radical."

  7. Tom Brady shredding the Jet's defense for 45 points...

  8. Alright, alright, it's a fish panda.

  9. The bottom one is a shark pimp with two of his beatches.

  10. It looks a bit like a cave with a lamb in the middle.

  11. Haha another person saw Krang in one of your inkblots.

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