Saturday, May 14

Interview With An Anonymous Artist

Right: a bunny with a bunny as it's ears which is also a vagina with a magical bear coming its clit, by the bunnies is some retarded dinosaur bear thing with a side boob shot
Middle: parent elephant w/ horns about to get shot cause it was going to save it's kid
Left: weird caterpillar with a cookie on it's head and a gastrodon ripoff
Above: some weird parasite thing that reminds me of the dead people from Hercules

Plus: Total Redemption!  Rate this person's sanity! 


There are a few people that have submitted several or more interpretations, and over time I have gotten to know some of them a little.  An anonymous soul let me fire off a few questions after he admitted to doing a few and pointing them out.  The interview follows after the pictures (including the above), which contain the associated descriptions where available.  I know the majority of you will be blowing through this text, but at the very least can you Redeem this soul and rate his sanity on the Scale?  I have decided to not pair them up with their original blots; even though they were the reason for these images coming to fruition, they are hardly the focus anymore.

Birds Everywhere.
Add caption
In honor of the birth of a new breed of frog rabbits Frog King is
going to sacrifice a baby bunny to the rabbit god.
See Open To Interpretation Session 4
Some big buff hermaphrodite named Kgork who had their vag cut
down to their anus, which is now a portal to an alien world.
The little person on the bottom is getting ready to insert themselves inside,
while the person it being tortured by aliens. His legs were cut off and are
now being fucked by giant penises, while he wears an octopus guy on his head.
The bird thing on the left.. idk, its tickling him I guess and the
thing on the right is filming it and broadcasting it back on their home planet.
Some geisha thing with legs growing out of her face holding up
an opera-singing vertically-challenged commander frog.
Add Chef minotaur thing with his arm getting eaten off while
stepping on some Siamese twins on the left
Angel dude punching through a zombie dog on the right
Right random blob, Mickey, left random blob, some old guy with glasses

P:  It appears you have done this (at the time this interview started) nine times.  Have you ever looked back on something you have drawn and thought, "Uh oh!  Better not post this!"
A:  Well, since I'm with other anons, no. If there was any way someone could relate it to me personally I wouldn't post any of them, lol!  If I ever went to a real psychologist I'd probably refrain from telling them what I actually saw...

P:  What do you think a professional psychologist might say if they saw your interpretations?
A:  I'm a perv?  Disturbed?  Not sure, I'm not a psychologist.

P:  Do people close to you IRL not know you draw?  Or is it just you don't want them to see some of the things you draw, regardless of how whimsical it may have been represented, because some of it might be deemed inappropriate? 
A: People know I draw, I don't hide drawing in general.  It's more or less the sexual or grotesque images that I hide.  Mostly because when I was younger I got suspended for writing something that made the teacher think I was disturbed; after that I've watched (what I share) more closely.

This is one of *my* favorites
P:  On images like (left) do you see all of this and THEN draw it, or does it evolve while drawing? 
A:  I started off just seeing the panda guy and the airplane behind him, then added in everything else as I looked at it and thought, "Oh, that could be this..." I almost always see dicks so I usually try to see other things before adding them in.

P:  It's not a bad thing (IMO) to see genitals.  It's an easy and common shape.  Judging from your answer though, do you feel compelled to draw more different things simply to take away a bit of the taboo that goes with "seeing some wangs?"
A:  It is easy to see and that's why I'd rather try to look for something else. If I see something too much I'd rather look at it a little more and come up with something new, since if you just see the same thing all the time its no fun.  I usually wind up putting some in though either way.

P:  When you say there are items that are "easy to see," what other items or shapes do you think are common? 
A:  Besides genitals, I see pandas a lot.

NOT by our Anonymous friend
here, but another Anon.
P:  Can you point to an interpretation by someone else  that really makes you go 'WTF?'
A:  The only one where it's really " what?" to me is (right), since I can't see how they got it at all. I know it probably wasn't the first  thing they saw and likely intentional.  Most of the others I can look at the original again and see where they're coming from though.  None of them really made me go, "seriously, wtf is that?"
P:  Do you think a lot of people switch out some of their initial drawings at the last second because they thought it might be a bit weird?  Even with anonymous status and impersonal forums, there still has to be a little sense of putting your imagination on your sleeve and just having it "out there"?
A:  I don't think most people do.  Especially about it "being too weird" on the Oekaki forum; I've seen some really weird shit on that site.  I don't feel like I'm putting it on my sleeve at all while I'm anonymous, and I don't think most people do.  When you can relate it to me elsewhere, that's when I'm uncomfortable.  Like for this email, its my secondary email that doesn't have any personal stuff used on it which is why I feel fairly comfortable answering you.  Anonymity makes people honest though since you don't have to worry about hurting your image.

P:  Could you pick one inkblot you have already drawn on) tell us what you would say you saw if you *thought* you were under scrutiny for medical/legal/evaluation reasons?
A:  If I was being evaluated for (image, left) I'd say I saw a lion in a fancy headdress.

This just freaks me out.

P:  Do you do any other forms of art? 
A:  I draw anime stuff a lot.  I write sometimes, but never finish anything.
P:  Do you only draw using the computer?
A:  I draw traditionally too sometimes,  usually with my copics.
P:  What do you consider good 'eyecandy?'
A:  I like art that's either really smooth, or kinda rough. Usually with subdued colors, but I like a lot of different things.
P:  Do you have any favorite artists or drawings/paintings?
A:  Mashimi is my favorite at the moment.

P:  Out of the drawings you have done on the inkblots, which one are you the most 'proud' of?  I use that term loosely, mind you.
A:  I spent the most time on (image) so probably that.
P:  I know for a fact that Dr. Hermann Rorschach, the man who made inkblots famous, owned some sort of pet monkey that he sometimes brought in to his wards for the patients to interact with.  Any thoughts on that?
A:  I think that's awesome, I'd love to visit a psychologist with a pet monkey. I'd just hope he didn't get it from Harlow Rhesus.
(And after a little discussion over monkeys...)
A:  I would love one of Rorschach's monkeys. I'd love a sloth even more though, they look adorable, huggable and they only shit once a week.

Well, there you go.  I feel compelled to say again:

You are missing out if you don't.

I truly feel this person captures the spirit of klecksography.  We have our scale here, and the "Am I crazy?" jokes happen often enough, but at the heart of it, this blog is really about looking at random ink patterns and running around like little kids showing people what we see.  I personally find it a blast.  Thank you, Anonymous, for the pictures and your time.

I wonder how he would rate on the Scale?  
Let's find out.  Don't forget to thank him for sharing!

EDIT:  I apologize to my blogging brothers and sisters for not getting around to your part of world (blogosphere) in awhile.  I've been preoccupied with some strangeness in the woods, if you can believe it.  I hope to dedicate a solid hour to it tomorrow.

EDIT 2:  While you can easily tell who won The Contest, the official fanfare won't be until Monday.  Just because the poll is closed doesn't mean the donation is!  Only several dollars from the goal! Yaargh!

EDIT 3:  There is a lot of stuff here (for me) so I feel like I made some horrible error.  Probably grammatical.  Please let me know.  Maybe I forgot a picture?


  1. Don't mind me, I'm just publicizing my ratings:

    Easily a 5, but after the interview and email correspondence, I'd go as low as 3.5

    However, I'm trying to put my mindset in this just right, so I am going to go with a 4.8

    You can give scores for both if you'd like, I'll just average them out.

  2. "Strangeness in the woods" can only mean one thing: Invasion! Your Anon deserves at least a 4.5. I used to have a friend that saw "Dicks Everywhere". He's dead.

  3. I'm going with a 4.9 because, well... WAT.

  4. > Besides genitals, I see pandas a lot.


  5. Well, at first I thought 4.7. After seeing the interview and realizing that, well, phallic objects are just simple to see and maybe it's not so much crazy as creative, I figured I'd tone it all the way down to... 4. A solid 4 from me. But really, really fascinating.

  6. Great interview, but anon sounds so sane in their responses that it clouds my ability to give a proper score.

    To keep consistent, I'm going to ignore the interview and judge only by the art,

    [4.5] Crazy imagination but none of them truly scare me enough to give a higher score.

  7. Interesting stuff, glad to see so many interpretations.

  8. 4.3 and a really great interview and post. :)

  9. At least a 4, they are very interesting and pervy!

  10. Birds everywhere!... and genitals. Apparently those genitals looooove birds.

  11. I've gotta go with a 4.4. Some strange things in there, for sure

  12. I see a weird looking elephant.

  13. Some of these weird me out, good to use my imagination though thanks

  14. After performing triple calculus the answer came out to be exactly the Square root of (3 pi) + (The Golden Ratio * e).

    I triple checked my answer. So it's not wrong.

    Golden Ratio: Gold, Ratio... what else is their?
    e: Lower Case Energy!
    pi: Better than cake
    3: A very sad, sideways man (with a mustache).
    (: See below.
    ): Content includes penises which may be inserted into small boys for pleasure and one free bus ride. Bus ride is not round trip. All trips to prison end in rape. Enjoy it. Make the most of it. Have fun. Remember, god loves you. Just sometimes a little too much
    +: Because the aliens are gonna get crucified... right after we steal their dicks and have prison orgy with them. NOTE: Alien dicks are also laser beams and precision saws. Keep away from men.
    Square Root: Because trees grow in circles, and squares are a lot cooler than circles. Besides, wtf is a circle root?

    I think that about covers it.

  15. Also, my answer is an actual number. Do the math... Or the aliens. Either one works for me. Just make sure you make a video and post it somewhere public (youtube will do) so your boss fires you and gives me your job.

    Also, does anyone else see a gaint panda in the background of this site? Or am I just crazy... o wait... nvm.

    Wow, I could have written a blog post on my site by now... but no one reads it anyway. O well.

    Happy alien dick day! Come visit my site. Free dil... suckers for all that do!

  16. runewake2;
    Aliens don't have dicks, they're asexual and use binary fission for reproduction. They overtake miscellaneous objects and corpses and use them as their body, which gives them dicks/etc. but they don't have them naturally.

  17. I think there is too much penis going on in this blog.


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