Friday, May 13

Penis or Not?


I had my post all set up with a nice loooong interview with an Anonymous artist, chock full of illustrations, and I can't seem to find it, and it appears there was some Blogger crisis for many people.

So, instead of spending time trying to recover it, I am just going to do it over.  Hopefully be done by tomorrow.  Blame Google.  Anyone else lose stuff?  Until then, enjoy some Will They Say Penis? (alternate title: Penis or Not?) that was supposed to be for Saturday.

Also the contest is near and end, thank Jack for putting in $15 for charity.  Will he be the winner?  Only hours left to vote!



    send this to a tv station immediately

  2. That was really funny xD But only pure minds would see a vase xD

  3. It's always penis!!! Also, I lost a post too, I am looking at an external blog writer so that way I can write and manage my blogs on my hard drive without fear of Google/Blogger losing them. It would also make it easier if I decide to move off of Blogger one day.

  4. See, I must have been too long without a man here and it's Friday before vacation and I want to party, but I saw a wine glass leaving a stain on the table...

  5. I laughed SO hard when you said "COCKS AHOY". It was just inevitable.

    Also, according to the blogger buzz, all the posts and comments and drafts and stuff are gonna be back in a bit. But why would they be honest? Pft.

  6. Reminds me of this horse I saw a while ago. It had a white mark on it's nose that looked like a naked chick.

    Cocks Ahoy!

  7. Hahaha awesome video, and great editing.

    Also LOL at the weirdo in the shower cap.

  8. SO shy hahaha, except the girl.

    The first I saw was Gary Oldman's Dracula.


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