Wednesday, August 3

Sensory Overload (Part Eight)

It's a big one.  All from Oekaki, and all from Anonymous unless otherwise noted.  I tried to save what I could (description-wise) from the thread before it 404'd, but I don't think I did too well.  If you drew any of these, please let me know!

Otherwise, enjoy these rather awesome interpretations...

Yellow blot?  Why not?

Schoolgirl with a ridiculous hairstyle on a motorbike
(not pictured), heading out of town.

Red always brings out the best in people:

Blood-splattered four-armed monster rides a horse in battle.

"Phase Two" Original Blot

Thank gods for labels!

Cool guy coming through.

Deformed guy forced to blow himself by slave gnomes
to great pleasure of a kitty monolith behind.

This was the lead image for the thread so interpretations would still crop up for it from time to time:

Wanting to lose weight, she carries the sage and plows the land.

And from "Phase One":

I'm not sure why I made the blot on a vertical fold:

She's floating over your bed at night.

Upside-down blot!  (I know, no one can tell)

Old man playing with PEZ

A sorcerer gets his halo from angels at the blessing of devils.

Some random bits that need to be seen:

Necrophiliac Ninjas Get Lucky

A Reuniclus and Boldore vs Audino. Out of fright, Audino
exaggerates Reuniclus look making Reuniclus
look more scary than it actually is.
If you know anyone that might like inkblots and interpretations, please use this page to get them to join us.  (As opposed to something like, oh, I don't know, Will They Say Penis?)

Anyway, many thanks to the artists that did these.  We appreciate it.

Which one did you like the most?


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the equestrian-mounted grasshopper. Charge!

  2. The ninjas, although the body looks too fresh to be dead. Maybe freshly dead?

  3. those are some crazy interpretations right there

  4. Those are great. I thought the firs tone was a Thanksgiving turkey.

  5. I like the necrophiliac ninjas. Particularly because right before them all I could see was a mustache.

  6. Ninjas are like "awwww yeaaa! Jackpot!"

  7. Does anyone else find the fact that Zombie comments on the picture about Necrophiliacs?

    Neat interpretations.


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