Thursday, August 4

Open To Interpretation: Session 3

Just a quick reminder that if you donate to our charity of choice (in this case the Wounded Warrior Project) you could very well win a year's subscription to Xbox Live.  Or this book.  For specific details and information pertaining to this contest, click here.

Look at this blot.  Do you see anything in it?  Yes?  No?  Well, we know four people that did, and they were kind enough to send in their interpretations for us to look at.  We would like for you to vote on which one you think is the most sane or which one you can bring yourself to agree with the most.

Before jumping right in to it, there has been some brief discussion about the order in which they are presented.  More specifically, some have stated that they have a hard time unseeing the first image displayed for them.  Well, nothing to be done about that this season!  I can only say that since there are four contestants and only four sessions, each person will have a chance to be at the front, as it were.  Let's start with Anonymous:

"Our Finest Meat" by Anonymous

So it's a pig, doing what pigs do.  And sweating.  And what does it say on it's ear tag?  MYSTERIES!  I have a personal "unsee" moment for this, and I haven't played PoP in awhile.  I don't recall this is any scene either, but it's what *I* saw in the interpretation, not the blot.  Weird.  A pig eating the Prince of Persia.

Next up is Jack.  Once again, if it were not for the file name, this would have appeared as just a mild mannered rabbit:

Jack's Rabbit of Caerbannog

Click To Enlarge Derpiness

If you are not familiar with said rabbit, it's from here.  I never knew it had a name.  It was always just the killer rabbit to me.  Sorry Jack, your interpretation doesn't look rabid enough.  Where are the "nasty, big, pointy teeth!" and "vicious streak a mile wide?"

I'm afraid in your absence I had to alter your image slightly to fit what I thought it represented before I even looked anything up on the wiki.  The thumbnail does it no justice.

Moving right along, we have Steve's interpretation.  The bastard thought he could try and get me to join a cult.  "It's an evil goat overload raining meteorites down because it's Armageddon."

Steve's Goat Overlord and Meteorites

SATAN MUCH, STEVE?  I was a little suspicious of things so I sent this image down to the boys in the optics department (yes, we have one of those) and after they ran things "through a few filters" they found your subliminal imaging.  We had to remove the words.  While this is not a "family blog" I certainly don't want to encourage that...filth.  Still, without the text, it's pretty disturbing:

If anyone experiences any nausea or nosebleeds, blame Steve.  Blame him to hell.

Last but not least is 4.4.   It's a "panda rage flipping a table at some snotty customers. (they were insulting her elderly Pringles man)"

4.4's Panda Rage

She might be trying to play the "panda card" to get some votes.  I'm just making that up, but we all know everyone sees pandas.  Pringles Guy is getting old.  I don't know if I like this establishment.

So there you have it.  Now go and vote!  Maybe find it in your heart and wallet to make a donation.  At least I hope the donations exceed the gift card price, because I would feel stupid giving a charity less than the cost of the prize.  Oh well! A deal is a deal and this is a learning process for most of us.
We appreciate all the comments and votes.


  1. I like all 4, but the one that stands out most is number 3 to me.

  2. Honestly all I see is the rabbit. lol.

  3. Definitely the goat overlord. The rabbit and panda are too cute.

  4. Goat overlord. If anybody had drawn that ant dude from A Bugs Life I would've found a way to vote twice for having a beautiful mind. Aka mine. But they didn't and how DARE they. Pft. Seemed so obvious to me, too.


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