Tuesday, July 26


Original Inkblot

Interpretation from Anonymous
(who made these portals possible)
Stencil from Google Images that I stole/applied afterwards.
I really thought this was funny.  Debating posting...
Ok, so maybe a viewpoint from inside goatse looking out the stretched orifice to someone trying to enter ("Let me in, let me in!"  "NO! Let me out, let me out!") isn't the best way to engage the community, but associating any inkblots with body parts or bodily functions is par for the course.
You will have to take my word on that.


  1. Before I got to see the interpretation.. "Blotse" triggered me to see something much nastier than what Anonymous drew.

  2. I pride myself on being a perv and even I didn't see Goatse! What has been seen....

  3. Lol, that is a sick mind at work there.

    I saw a top down view of the rear of a jetliner.

  4. oh god, dont remind me of goatse!! lol.

  5. damn, i always see butterflies :)

  6. That's good and bad at the same time.


What do you see?