Tuesday, September 27

Sensory Overload: Part Nine

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Thoughtful Hamster King Is Thoughtful

Hidden Hamster
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Do I need to describe what the Sensory Overloads are?  I don't think I ever actually stated why I call them that, but as far as this blog goes it is just a phrase that is synonymous with "lots of interpretations that are almost always from the Oekaki forum."

This is Number Nine now, so I think we can go ahead and just enjoy the art and imagination.

As usual, if a description was posted, I will add it in quotes.  If it's not in quotes then it is just me babbling. Also, everything is by anonymous folk, except where noted.  (I know Nadia is in here, he just prefers being anonymous now.  In fact, I think he is responsible for the Thoughtful Hamster King up there...)

So, in no particular order:

Original Blot
Swamp monsters will remind us where these came from.
(Nice use of negative space.)
"Robot? Being a bit distracted for the time.
Am watching Day[9] playing D3 beta." - pp
When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it was
a moose wearing armor and carrying a spear.

Some of you that have been around may recall the next inkblot, as it has popped up here and there.  When I show it to people online, 75% of the time they say "a gas mask."  It's always amazing to see things that other people saw and were able to convey through drawing.  It's almost like you can taste their brains:

Original Blot

From Sucio
"Don't tell me I am the only one that saw this..."
This is actually one of my rare interpretations.  It's uh,
Garfield, obviously.  In a wizard's hat.  Pooping on a mutated
and winged slug.
I had shown this work by pp before but I wanted to make
sure it got in to the Sensory Overloads.  Most excellent work!
"Some dude listening to some music on the weirdest
 headphones in the world"
"Crocodile sea horses and a lobster."
"A cult member with a goat head and a cape walking
down the rather well-lit alley."

I think the next three are by the same person.  I think.  My apologies if that is not the case.

Original Blot

Add caption

"Dinner Party"

Original Blot

Stepping on someone."


  1. Wow, that one by PP is astonishing work.

  2. good thing that gal isnt wearing heels stepping on that poor fella. lol.

  3. If not for Zombie, I would've thought she was stepping on a puddle. That one is so much more interesting now.

  4. There's some pretty cool ones there. Imagination is beautiful~


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