Wednesday, September 28

Rate My Wife, Please (#2)

"Belly Flop"

Original Blot
No, no, not my second wife.  Second rating of the first wife.  Once again, I am sorry if you are here because you were looking for swingers or 'dogging' sites on Google.  Lets just leave it at that.

My wife, a troll in a state of personal denial, sent these in at the beginning of September with no provocation on my part.  That's right, "sent these in."  I guess it would be weird to see her doodling away at home like some female John Wayne Gacy intent on recreating the opening scene of Children Of The Corn with the skin-puppets she thinks I don't know she has in her nightstand.

But I kid!  I have a very loving and supportive wife who is remarkable in her imagination and her ability to generate alibis when confronted by police about her whereabouts.

Keeping in mind her innocent exterior, why not rate her Sanity?  Its easy to do.  Just view her multiple interpretations below, completely ignore her scores from her previous Redemption, then assign her brainpan a numerical score from 1 to 5, where 1 equals, "No thanks, I just want lettuce and tomatoes in my salad!" and 5 equals, "No thanks, I just want lettuce and tomatoes in my hollowed out 'corpsesicles' that have been in the freezer for the past several weeks.  Croutons?  Blech!  No way!  What are you, crazy?"

I must say I find the above image of the giraffe rather entertaining in its imagination, and the jugglers below a pleasant new take on an old blot, even if it does reinforce the whole John Wayne Gacy thing.  (Link for him included because my wife doesn't keep up on her predecessors.)

Rat Spider
She is also big on the Show The Original Inkblot When Doing These Things, Dammit.  I'm not on that boat.

So give her a rating and go ahead and use a decimal if you feel like it.  If you need some help, view one of the older Redemptions, and be sure to check out the standings on The Scale.


  1. It's the jugglers in beanies that upped my score to a 3.2

  2. oh goodness that rat spider must be riddled with diseases...

  3. With these? I go 2.. I've thought worse things, and I'm definitely not crazy. Yep.

  4. Yep, Jay. 3 it is. BTW...made you new blog of the day.

  5. The tribal dragons are cool, the spider thing is just plain odd. 2.8 or something?

  6. They're quite normal and good, a 2.2 I'm afraid.

  7. Yeah, those aren't crazy- label worthy.
    I'd go with a 2.4 or something like that.

    I thought of one ot those Egyptian monster Gods or something. A bad one. :D

    Following and supporting your work, mate; interesting idea for a blog! :)

  8. I'm not sure why she would say 'rat spider.' I would call that 'porcupine.' Which is kind of crazy. So I would say 3.3.

  9. I'd say a 2.5/6

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