Thursday, September 29

This Blows

It's got pointy bits.

Not too shabby, eh?  I'm trying to find a nice balance between "keeping it real" and photoshopping.  This one turned out OK, considering I was trying out the Blow-The-Ink-Through-A-Straw Technique.  Well, I used a can of air duster, but it's the same premise.  Considering the original had a...well, a penis in it, I opted to try out some digital shenanigans, because the last thing I want to do is blow a penis and then put it on my blog.


Now, I realize that it's only a penis because *I* thought it was one (and I go to any lengths to pull out a big penis joke if it's not too hard) and I hate to influence your brainwaves since my edited version looks less phallic, but thems the breaks.  Gods know there is not enough mentioning of genitalia on this blog.

Completely unrelated to any of that:

I'm glad it didn't get folded or licked.

I sent one of the Coffee Table Books (I forget which version!) to Hermann in Norway because: 1) His name is Hermann, and that was a sign to be sure, and 2) He said nice things about me on Facebook.

I told him taking a picture of it near something particularly Norwegian would be nice, but not a stipulation of receiving it.  I did not at any point say, "Take a picture of it with a coffee cup on it near a national landmark."

He did admit to not following the instructions I had printed on the back, so unless he figures out what the poison was, it's going to cost you Hermann!  One picture = antidote.

If you are still with us, why don't you tell us what you see in the inkblot?  If you have not done so already, please go back one post and rate my wife's sanity.  It's the only way we can tell.


  1. Well, the original is just a moth to me, nothing special. The first is a cockfight though. I'd say roosters but I'm sure you prefer the word cockfight. Cough.

  2. man, i never get past butterflies :)

  3. a vagina monster....

    ....or i could just say vagina, same difference.

  4. oh man does that thing look like one evil face!

  5. The first one is a crazy looking bat and the second one is a pre op transexual operation/procedure being performed.

  6. There's a tiny imp with big devil wings at the top.

    ...and blown things.

  7. oh, i thought i sent you the picture on the facebooks, oh well. i'll send it to you now. :)

    also i was actually sick the day after i licked the envelope, what did poison did you use?

  8. It kinda looks like a peacock to me too!
    Not dead but maybe mating. :O


What do you see?