Thursday, June 23

Sensory Overload (Part Seven)

After the previous six, I think you know what is going on by now. All interpretations are by Anonymous from the Oekaki board unless otherwise noted. Any associated text is from the person that submitted it.


Original Blot

Princess Tenae does a curtsy for her husband to be in a first meeting.

Mom falls off swing and tries to adjust herself
so her son doesn't see her boobies.
- Nadia

Space dude with spaceship behind him, Sci-Fi book cover style.

Man in cowboy hat makes stew. - Nadia

Terror strikes Camp Fat Camp's fat campers' illicit midnight feast.

Mech Looking Thing - Zenith
Original Blot

A giraffe wearing a seal mask with a crab pinching its face while two men riding the giraffe can't make up their mind which way they want to go. The giraffe is kinda shy though and doesn't want to go either way though since it's being stared at by 2 intimidating Micky's. In the meantime the men are sending off their magical slugs to probe the area that they wish to go to. The porpoises are there for the purpose of filling space.

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  1. Oh, 4chan, you are permanently insane.

  2. amazing as usual! mom-falling-off-swing and fat-camp are particularly creative. :D

  3. Nadia is one hell of an interesting person...
    And I really like the fat camp one. It's visually pleasing to me.

  4. Mom falling off swing is the best one. Nadia has some serious talent, and some serious crazy going on.

    also, the fat camp one is amazing
    and not just because fat kids are about to me slaughtered for their blubber

  6. I lost it at the kid going 'haw haw!'

  7. Haha, that Milf with purple nipples! very nice.

  8. these are amazing. i though thought they were all great and the purple flower is really pretty. :)


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