Charity/Prize Money given to date: $76.25

December 9th, starting a new contest.  I'll copy that info here later on.  But for now, you should really be reading today's post.  (The 9th of December.)

What follows here are remnants/records of some charity stuff called Open To Interpretation:

Beginning Of Season 2
EDITI'm just leaving the text below as it is.
It was how the game was being introduced and presented.

Open To Interpretation
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(Thursday, August 25th 2011)

Results and Winner From Season One

Inkblots are a popular and somewhat controversial psychological testing tool involving way too much sciency stuff.  Back in the day, before Hermann Rorschach or Walter Joseph Kovacs were around, kids used to make them just to see shapes in them.  That is how we are utilizing them.  The inkblots that is.  Not kids.

Four volunteers received a set of inkblots, illustrated their interpretations, and sent them back.  Each session we will view a set of these interpretations, probably make fun of the volunteers, and then ask anyone that views them to vote on which person they think is the most sane.

After four sessions, the votes will be tallied up, and the person with the most votes will be declared the winner.  That person  will receive a book printed out specifically for them containing all the inkblots and interpretations from the contest, AND have a donation to charity made in their name.  The losers will be patted on the back and given kudos for being good sports.

That's right, not only are we asking for people to vote on the mental well-being of complete strangers, but we are also asking for money for charity.

The Wounded Warrior Project, or WWP, is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for the needs of injured service members,  help injured service members aid and assist each other, and provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.
That was lifted from their About Us page, so you know it's legit.  It's a worthwhile cause, and we are going to try and collect $100 for them in the next several weeks.  

Charity not enough incentive?  How about some prizes? How about if you donate $15 or more, you will be entered in to a raffle to win a 1-Year Gold Subscription to Xbox Live.  It's a $60 value for you to use or sell or give as a gift. 

 Any donation under $15 will automatically enter you in to a separate raffle to receive the Inkblot Interpretation Coffee Table Book Version 2.  It makes a great conversation starter, and is proven effective against up to 3 coffee cups.

 I think it is important to note that in order to be able to win any prizes you have to donate through the widget on the blog.  If you donate directly to the WWP, that is all well and good, but you won't be in any raffle.  

A Quick Who's Who:

My name is Phil, and I like inkblots.  Chelsea, an old inkblot alumna (I had to look that up) is back to add a double-dose of X-chromosomes to the proceedings.  

We have two people from the Oekaki forum:  Anonymous and 4.4, both of them what I like to call "powerhouses" in the interpretation department, not just because of their art skill, but their imagination in general.

We have Steve, from across the pond, who I am tempted to take a potshot at here, but there will be enough of that as we view the various interpretations he has been kind enough to volunteer.

What we are doing here is a game.  Consider that a disclaimer if you want.  All volunteers involved were made aware of the whimsical nature of this endeavor.  I'd hate for some people to stretch their imagination the wrong way and think we were making fun of mental disorders.  In fact anyone that thinks that is probably schizophrenic. 

Any concerns, comments or questions?  Please email me at

Suddenly: The Results

Damnit.  Didn't know about the .75 from MissionFish

The winner-via-donation is Andre, our one and only (two-timer) donator for this season.  His $20 came in very early and without competition, he was a shoe-in for the $60 Xbox Live Gold Membership.  But get this: He doesn't want it.  He doesn't even have an Xbox.  Charity for the sake of charity?  Well alright!  Always good to see.  Makes me feel bad though, that I didn't see any place to put the donation in his name, which is what the volunteers (that I spoke to) agreed would be a good idea to highlight his niceness.  So while that didn't happen, you will always be immortalized here, Andre!

Here were the scores for the last Session (click here to see the post and the entries):

I'm never using blogpoll again.

So now we have our final scores, to figure out who among those brave four turned out to be the sanest, by popular opinion:

                      4.4: 10 
Anonymous: 17
                 Jack: 22
               Steve: 17

Goddamnit Jack...I mean, congrats on winning two times in a row!  That should not make anyone suspicious, I am sure.  We'll have to talk about where I am sending your book.  (And yes, Hermann, this means yours will be going out in the mail too!)

Chelsea, Jack...I appreciate your effort and patience.  While I feel bad that the handful of people interested in our videos did not get to see them, I feel a tad worse that you might think I was wasting your time!

Megathanks to the volunteers who sent in their interpretations: 4.4, Anonymous, Steve, and Jack.  I know it was a long time ago that you sent those in, but quite a few of us enjoyed looking at what you shared with us.  We appreciate it.  I want to say something like, "You are all winners!" but I hate to give false hope to crazy people.

Jokes and slanders aside, and last but not least, thank you to anyone here that took the time to vote.  If you can, in your comments, share a little love for the people listed above.  (You don't need to rhyme anything like I do.)

Session Three:

For more info on this session, please view this blog post.

Steve's Goat Overlord and Meteoroids
Jack's Rabbit of Caerbannog
Anonymous' Finest Meats
4.4's Panda Rage

Session Two:

For more info on this session, please view this blog post.

Original Blot

Jack's Mask

4.4's BJD On Display

Anonymous's Doll On Bookcase

Steve's Cave Painting

Session One:

Session One Images

Original Blot

Steve's Rat-Flown Helicopter Raining
Missiles and Bullets Down On Us

Anonymous's Courage and Katz (with Slime Monster)
Jack's Eviscerated Humanoid Thing

4.4's Raccoon-Being-Ripped-

Please vote (using the poll on the top-right of the page) on whose interpretation you think is the most sane, or the one that you can see or agree with the most.  We appreciate your time and generosity!


  Beginning Of Season 1
EDIT: I'm just leaving the text below as it is.
It was how the game was being introduced and presented.

The contest is over!  $47 is on it's way to (charity) and I am most thrilled with people's generosity.  My thanks to the other participants, Jack and General Failure and all the artists such as Nadia, Dalek, and Anonymous.  Thank you to everyone that voted, you made the game much more interesting for us.

Dustee won the 'raffle for people who donated,' snagging the Microsoft Points, and Colin B won the 'email entry raffle,' and hopefully won't don't do anything too bad with his strange prizes.  They both received a copy of the Inkblot Coffee Table book too, so their tables are kind of like my friends now too.

Final Scores: 
Jack                           26
Myself                       24
General Failure      7

I am determined to have some sort of parallel video blog going on here, so we are trying yet another format out to see what works.  This time though, why not drag some charity kicking and screaming in to it?  In the form of a contest?  A show and tell contest...OF THE MIND.

For the next several weeks (starting April 20th 2011,) myself and several others will be drawing out our interpretations to different blots.  They will be posted, and you will vote each time ("Sessions") on the interpretation that you see/agree with the most (or at least as much as possible under the circumstances.)

The person with the most overall cumulative votes by May, Friday the 13th (ch ch ch ha ha ha) will be declared the winner, and the winner will select which charity the money goes to, and select which reader/viewer gets the prizes.  By "prizes" I mean "random stuff," but it will include a copy of the Inkblot Coffee Table Book at the very least.
*NOW with 1600 Microsoft Points for donors*

All sessions are split in to two sections: Submitted Art Highlights (because some people draw some really nice stuff) and Contest Interpretations (because we should have a few moments to explain ourselves.)  And it's all under 5 minutes, because we know your time is short.  

I'm relying on any feedback you can give; no input is too small or inconsequential.  Feel free to email any comments, tips, slander, complaints, etc., to

Scores for Session 4
Scores for Session 3
Scores for Session 2
Scores for Session 1
List Of Donors

The Angry Lurker (link to blog)
Anonymous (but really, *I* know who you are)
Dustee (link to blog)

Charity List

Session 4

Session 4 images:
Original Blot
My Animal Wedding

Fail's Telepathic Bugman
Jack's Inspector Gadget

Session 3

Session 3 images
Original Blot

Jack's Pyro Gnome

Fail's Flying Mantis Robots + Etc..

My Time Portal Grill

Several of Dalek's interpretation's (sans original blot) from the Submitted Art Highlight:

Session 2

Session 2 images
Original Blot

General Failure's Puppet Master

My Mad Max Rabbit

Because Jack is a freak, he accidentally
drew on the wrong inkblot...
Jack's Plan For The Blue Man Group

Original Blot For Submitted Art Highlight


Session 1

Original Blot

Jack's Samurai

My Skull

General Failure's Mantis Man

Buxton, who has been a stalwart Skype/Inkblot friend, got waylaid by IRL stuff so she was not able to be part of this round of sessions.  Before her departure she drew these:

I hope Buxton is around in the future, because she really
needs to explain herself here.

Her fear of spiders is well documented by a few people.

Original Inkblot For
Submitted Art Highlight

Anonymous (I wonder why?)

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