Tuesday, July 19

Inkblot Of The Day + Caption Request

Not to be confused with the inkblot used for the images below.

4.4 upped her own ante (what a remarkably dirty-sounding poker term) by taking her original interpretation from a few days ago...

...and adding more detail and color, along with some specific species-notes as voiced by the fancy bear.  No green eggs and ham here, as some may have erroneously assumed from the above photo.

I can't believe I paid $40 for this hat!

If ever there was a time when you, fellow bloggers or readers, should try and come up with a caption or title, it is now.


  1. I don't have that kind of creativity. >.<

  2. If I could understand what was going on.. I'd give it a shot.. Is that a casket back there, with Sherlock Holmes'face? Is that lady back there dusting it with an alligator? Is the other wiping with her apron? Are they even ladies? They look like the robot chicks from one of the Austin Powers movies.

    So confused.

  3. Repressed Rage: Pedo Bear Edition.

  4. The King of the Armadillos prepares to mount his new bride.


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