Wednesday, July 20

Open To Interpretation: S2E1

Ok, "season" is a lofty term, but it is simply the best way to separate the timeline.  For any newcomers, click on the Charity/Contest tab on the menu above, or if you follow your words with your mouse, simply click here.  Still, a summary is in order.

Make sure you read about how to win this prize!
Charity: Wounded Warrior Project
Goal: $100
Prizes: 1-yr Gold Xbox Live, Inkblot Coffee Table Book V2

My apologies to Jack and Chelsea, who were patient enough to put up with all the recording follies and such (and yet I still somehow messed up the quality of the recording) and reading a whole bunch of things that I asked them to that I never used.

I already voted, just to make sure the poll-thingy worked.  Don't let it go to your head, Steve.

As usual, we don't expect everyone to view the entirety of the video (which, with 4 contestants, was impossible to keep under 5 minutes length.  Trust me, keeping it under 8 was an achievement) so the blots will be posted here also.

PLEASE VOTE!  Donate if you can.  Comment on anything and everything.  Thanks for checking this out.

Original Blot
Steve's Rat-Flown Helicopter Raining
Missiles and Bullets Down On Us

Anonymous's Courage and Katz (with Slime Monster)

Jack's Eviscerated Humanoid Thing

4.4's Raccoon-Being-Ripped-

Remember, it's not about the art, it's about the interpretation!  Go vote!  Leave a comment and let us know you care.  (Are you suffering from acute sensory overload due to previous brainwashing?  We'd like to hear about it!)


  1. Voted my friend, damn good intentions.

  2. Production value up in this bitch, yo! Now we know where the last donation money went. =)

    Kidding, good stuff, guys. Closest to what i saw in the blot would be *beep*'s green monster thing, as it uses the negative space in the same way.

  3. PS: Netherworld Shanty is fucking awesome, so thanks for that.

  4. Yeah, he has TONS of stuff. Quality. Kudos to him.

  5. It might be more fun if we were voting for the most (in)sane. Might bring out some unorthodox interpretations is all. COUGH. But yes, voting now. Also, nice effects, really finishes it up.

  6. dang man, I love the video!! :D

  7. 4p4 is a chick?

  8. Consider my vote cast! Hopefully without a hanging chad.


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