Thursday, September 8

2 Minute Interpretation with Jack & D4

Hah!  I lied!  It's actually 5 minutes, but sped up to be shown in only 2.

D4 offered to do a 2 Minute Interpretation when he had the time, so he popped in on Skype the other night with me and Jack and did one or two.  Then we switched to co-op mode and the two of them produced...well, you will see.  Let me get my apologies to D4 and Jack (not that he will see it) out of the way as they were on Skype and the whiteboard for a half-hour putting up with my Would You Rather...? questions.

Following on a trend of me screwing up everything audio/video related, I didn't have the computer recording the whole audio mix, so my parts of the conversation were not recorded, leaving the final product sounding like Jack and D4 developing a case of schizophrenia as they answer questions you can't hear (I was trying to distract them while they were drawing.)

Pity, because D4 was quite sociable and the conversations flowed AND you would know exactly what it was they ended up drawing.

Side Note: It's nice to have a video that doesn't need a NSFW warning.

Thanks again, D-balls.  I'm sure most of the people that come here know about your music blog, but if you don't, go check it out.

Now tell us, just what do you think the final product is?


  1. That very random link in the vid made me lol for some reason.

    I wonder what it looks like to other people..

  2. Good job guys. To me that looks like a hip hop totem pole

  3. That guy on the bottom almost smushed that poor beaver things nuts!! lol.

  4. i have a diry mind, ill keep it to myself

  5. The music on the video is pretty funky! I like it.

  6. I'm with shutterbug, I'm in it purely for the music. And, I guess, the big beaver with a snow hat.


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