Wednesday, September 7

Inkblot Of The Day

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I shared this on Facebook (not even on the fan page, but my personal page, for some reason) and I like it so much I shall share it here.  Not to put images in your heads, but if you can see something other than a winged creature, more power to you.

I wish I remember what filters I used. 

And hey, 50 likes on Facebook.  I know that is small potatoes to most of you, but having it sit there at an uneven 49 was tearing my eyeballs apart.  Sorry if you came here from Facebook and are going, "WTF?  I just saw this."


  1. Yeah.. I can only see that weird neon transparent dragon thing. That's what I'm gonna call it. It's pretty.

  2. Looks like a hamster or something hiding in the grass.

  3. gotta catch em pokemon!

    too bad there aint no water type. ;)

  4. I see two sexually aggressive clowns surrounding a terrified young mime.

  5. MRanthrope: that is pretty damn funny.

  6. Visual evidence that butterflies are not prepared for warp speed.


What do you see?