Tuesday, September 6


As I was going through the blog to get all the links/images for the Submissions page, I noticed that the first non-episodic interpretation that I shared was done by Mrs. Slendy.  As coincidence would have it, she sent another one today using the blot from yesterday.

I like it when the descriptions are built in.  Very handy.  Nice work, Mrs. Slendy.  Thanks, you insane freak!

Still mulling things over about the contest and trying to get that Submissions page up.  It's kind of sad to note that a lot of cool bloggers have fallen by the wayside.  Now go and get some toothpaste that is strong enough for a Predator,but made for a 5 billion year-old entity from the Isop galaxy.


  1. Duuuude, don't put me in the contest, I'd have no use for an xbox live membership. D:

  2. K, cool.

    And I really wish I didn't sound twelve. :(

  3. looks like preditor needs a little brushy and flossy there. lol.

  4. *predator.
    Damn I cant spell today.

  5. That's a pretty interpretation. I like, like the colors and stuff.

  6. Toothpaste for a Predator, going to need a lot of fluoride.


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