Monday, September 5

Inkblot Of The Day

Let your mind wander...

I think the contest to win the Andre Card (12 month XBOX Live Membership) must start soon.  I think the winner will have to be selected by popular vote.  I want it to be The Most Imaginative Interpretation; I don't want people scribbling a few lines just to get an entry although I don't want to exclude people that can't draw, but still have a good imagination.

On the other hand, perhaps I should just ask my fellow non-artists to take a backseat for awhile and let us try and find some really good eyecandy by giving the Card to The Most Eye-Popping Interpretation...

Thoughts?  Should I exclude?


  1. Maybe you could make it into a system, there's a few ideas there that could alternate as contests. It'd let everyone have a chance at winning.

    As for the blot, twin fetuses in a broken womb. Pretty much a giant abortion.

  2. Oh man,... I saw a thumb of it in my blogger dashboard and thought it was jesus caught up in barbed wire. I want blooooood!

  3. I see two fat roaches about to rub bellys against each other sumo style.

  4. Yes, it needs to be about talent mostly, I see two samurai orangutans facing off.

  5. I see a pair of doves sitting in thorns.

  6. awww man, I cant draw. lol.
    I see two squids in battle armor fighting it out. Or hugging... depends on what kind of mood they are in.

  7. To myself, this looks like an escape from San Quentin.


What do you see?