Wednesday, October 5

Total Redemption Chapter 13, The Angry Vegetarian

There is a story to be told here...

If ever there was a person in need of Redemption, it is the poor bastard that decided to send these in to me.  I don't know if it is lack of proteins or some other problem that tree-huggers have, but this man needs the mental equivalent of a punch to the upper-pants.

He was gone for awhile, but I see him back, blogging about animals he has stolen.  Honest to gods, I was going to put him up before his hiatus, because his interpretations are a big pile of in-retrospect-and-when-grouped-all-together skull sludge, but then when he was gone I assumed it was something unpleasant, so I didn't want to kick him while he was down.

New to Redemption?  They weren't around when he was.  Using a 5-Point Scale, with 1 being, "I don't eat meat, it's a simple dietary decision on my part," and 5 means, "Human flesh, right from the bone?  Don't mind if I do!" please rate this man's sanity without any regard for his feelings.

One of the blots from the 'O.G. Rizzach'
Hard to pick a favorite item out of this one!
This almost makes (ninja) sense.

This HAS to mean something.  (You ARE clicking to
the images, yes?)

Now that I have heard other people say they saw a "clown with
his penis out," I don't think A-Veg is too odd for seeing it.
He's fucking odd for drawing it.  :D

There you have it.  One man, and his ability to see...things.  Normally I reserve my comment for scoring, and if by now I haven't established myself as a principled man who strives to achieve an unfettered result in my serious studies, then let me reinforce it: Don't let my opinions of this obviously disturbed freak get in the way with your impartial rating.  You have nothing to fear from him unless one of your fears are being surprised and assaulted with plastic massage sticks after being sprayed with flammable Jello from a man wearing a Yogi Bear mask.

A-Veg: I am not sure you are as mentally bent (or "bental") as Colin B., but I feel you should be in the 4 And Above Club.  Welcome back.


  1. .. I give it a perfect 4.

    4.0 seems about right between the sane things and not so sane things.

  2. This guy seems legit. I'd let him watch my fish.

  3. Oh wow, that clown is going to haunt my dreams for awhile...

  4. I forgot to add my number: 4.2 (I had a change of heart from my initial mere 4.0)

  5. He DREW THE CLOWN? 5/5 instant nutter status

  6. I like third pic, but I wouldn't notice any of this stuff if it wasn't highlighted
    +follow :)

  7. fucking clowns... they are all damn creepy! lol.

  8. I would have said 4 until I saw that clown penis. 4.5. And please don't ever show that to me again.

  9. 4.5 hes only a vegetarian if cannibalism doesn't count. LOL.

  10. LOL.
    Now I hate clowns.

  11. As if I couldn't be anymore frightened of clowns.


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