Sunday, July 24

Open Invitation

If you thought the title said "Open To Interpretation" then you must let me know.

Sunday nights @ 9:30pm (EST) is when we try and get our Skype on.  If you are insanely bored and want to listen to a 90-minute version of things that can be whittled down to under 10 minutes, then we have what you are looking for.

Otherwise, Four Point Four (Text or numbers?  YOU DECIDE!) did a 2MIADC (2-Minute Interpretation And Drawing Challenge) a while back.  Since this is her recording, there is no annoying commentary.  There is also no music, which (to me) is an ABORATION OF HIDEOUS PROPORTIONS TO THE A/V WORLD.  You can always pop on over to D4's place.  I bet that somewhere in the past several days he has blogged about music you will like (or maybe have heard, but forgot about.) I will eat my own nail clippings if I am wrong.
EDIT: The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) is a pretty humorous tune for an accompaniment.  

Enhanced Finished Product

Thanks for the ride, 4.4.  Your folder of interpretations is growing steadily.

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention how to get to us on Skype.  Look for Skimbosh (USA) and send a request.  While I highly doubt any particular response, please note that after 9pm I probably will turn off any Skype notifications, so don't take it personally.
EDIT: Further note, be aware that if you want to see what is going on, we use Mikogo.  (It requires you to download a little proggy.)

Also, I think it is high time to have another Redemption, and I think Jack has slipped under that radar for far too long.


  1. That's a rather scary interpretation

  2. ah!That things gonna give me nightmares! :P

  3. Sundays. >:( not tonight then.. but it sounds fun.

    I may or may not have read Open To Interpretation. Pft.

    Random shout outs are awesome. I love you in the least homosex way possible. I think.

    I wish I could draw that easy! I have an effing mousepad, these things suck balls. Took me til just now to see it was eating a pair of humans. Lovely, definitely lullaby material we're looking at.

  4. Also, if you have to eat your own nail clipping, be sure to video it. I'll blog it and I'm sure a video like that on youtube will increase your traffic.

    Humorous wink.

  5. That is pretty good for 2 minutes. Maybe if i had a tablet, I could do something like that in 20


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