Thursday, August 25

Open To Interpretation: Session 4

Blot from...7 months ago?

Ok, so Season 2 was a little cursed.  My apologies to Chelsea and Jack; they had nothing to do with my problems.  Nor did any of the volunteers.

While I didn't really speak to the interpreters, I am sure they won't mind if I put the donation in Andre's name, since he was the only one to donate.  We will still have to see (through votes) who is the most sane because you will still win your personal copy of the printouts from this Season.  I suppose I will leave the donate button up just in case, but I hope to wrap this up by the end of the week-end.

So who didn't go first yet?  Four Point Four.  I feel that if I just put her as '4.4' then some people get confused with 'D4'.

4.4's Spider Creature of Death
There was much speculation as to why the spider-crab thing is holding a rabbit and turtle.  The best we could come up with was some sort of horrible twist on an Aesop's fable.  ("Silly turtle!  You will never win the race, for I am as fleet as a...OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT?  RUN!  RUN FOR YOURAARrghhbllee..")
"Did I step on your parents!?!
I'm sooo sorry!"

Sorry.  But yes, it is some sort of spider creature
(first time drawing a spider, she said) killing people.

Personally, I thought it looked like the spider accidentally stepped on some people and was apologizing to the kids or something.

I think it is safe to say that after a round of this game, 4.4 has a problem with pandas, spiders, racoons and other various vermin.

Getting all Robert Frost on us, Jack used the opportunity to show us his battle of Fire vs. Ice:

Jack's 'Fire & Ice' Battle

Who will win this battle of the elements?  Hell, I didn't even realize they were fighting until the second time I looked at it.  Both Jack and Chelsea started quoting Frost and I felt illiterate so I drew some penises on it.
I was really tempted to draw penises in there.  I don't know why.  I mean, I know it is because I am immature, but I don't know why it would be penises and not, say...a roll of quarters (which is the average size [and worth, ha!] of a small penis.)

Anonymous (look, most of us know it's Nadia, he just went anonymous in his life after the first recording) had already drawn one some time ago:

Anonymous's Santa Dragging Dead Reindeer

Almost in time for the holidays, this scene illustrates what a man, even a man like Santa, must do when accidents happen.  If you were to crash on an island with all that venison, what would you do?
If you look hard enough you can see certain words hidden in the foliage.

Steve didn't go anywhere near as grim as his fellow interpreters.  He drew EXACTLY what I would expect someone with his sexual fetishes to draw:

Lesbian Scorpions Near Lucky Horseshoe

No, no we are pretty sure those are not penis arms that those women are about to...embrace? each other with.  I didn't realize scorpions were superstitious, nor did I think they had bright clown noses.  But hey, what are the chances of one penis-armed, bulbous-nosed, same-sex-havin' scorpion finding another with only slightly different hair?

NOW IT IS TIME TO VOTE.  It's crunch time.  Realistically, it's only Steve and Jack in the lead, unless some sort of miracle happens.  Voting will end soon!  Still a chance to donate and win a prize!


  1. I see two people(?) kissing in front of a giant face.

  2. Are those two kissing each other goodbye?

  3. Dead reindeer. Wow that's awesome in a very sick way.. erh, voted!

  4. The two kids dont seem too upset about the giant spider crushing their parents and smushing their turtle and hamster looking thing in its claws. Wait, spiders have claws now?

  5. santa dragging reindeer ... wha?

  6. Very good drawings. I'd say Jack's is the most sane of the bunch. Don't worry, I used your fancy futuristic poll up at the top!


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