Friday, August 26

Will They Say Penis: Rubberneck

I'll just copy and paste from the YouTube description:

"Whenever someone jerking off appears, I feel compelled to make THEM click 'Next'. It's like a little battle, except I am the only one wearing pants.

I still have a few clips from WTSP left. I thought this guy deserved his own little mashup.

I apologize to my wife. Not for skipping out on those dinners, but because you will find out about this probably AFTER hurricanes ravage our property. Haha! Internet!"


  1. Damn, your Voice is awesome...

  2. That's why I dislike those sites, man. You're a brave soul.

    Good luck with the hurricane!

  3. the first two didn't say it, but they showed it. :D

  4. Great video! Really enjoyed watching it! Thanks for the update

  5. Seriously man you should announce or something. your voice is like audio butter. Anyway, aside from a whole bunch of dongs this little game turned out to be a success!

  6. Okay, Ted Williams, thanks for the video. Now tell me to catch Family Guy at 8 pm on Fox 31. (What I'm saying is that your voice is awesome, and if I had it, I would never stop talking. Ever)

  7. There's a comedian by the name of Scott Aukerman, hosts Comedy Bang Bang podcast - has the same mannerisms and same kind of sense of humour, it seems. "INteresting..."

    More videos, please!

  8. There are about 30 to many penises in this movie. I like it...

    I feel that if I ever browsed chat roulette I would suffer a horrible death.

    Also, I know it's been a while, but you know that panda I saw on the side of your webpage? Well, if you look at it this way it looks like a girls nipple... Just thought that fit with the whole conversation here.


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