Tuesday, August 30

Open To Interpretation: Winners

Damnit.  Didn't know about the .75 from MissionFish

The winner-via-donation is Andre, our one and only (two-timer) donator for this season.  His $20 came in very early and without competition, he was a shoe-in for the $60 Xbox Live Gold Membership.  But get this: He doesn't want it.  He doesn't even have an Xbox.  Charity for the sake of charity?  Well alright!  Always good to see.  Makes me feel bad though, that I didn't see any place to put the donation in his name, which is what the volunteers (that I spoke to) agreed would be a good idea to highlight his niceness.  So while that didn't happen, you will always be immortalized here, Andre!

Here were the scores for the last Session:

I'm never using blogpoll again.

So now we have our final scores, to figure out who among those brave four turned out to be the sanest, by popular opinion:

                      4.4: 10 
Anonymous: 17
                 Jack: 22
               Steve: 17

Goddamnit Jack...I mean, congrats on winning two times in a row!  That should not make anyone suspicious, I am sure.  We'll have to talk about where I am sending your book.  (And yes, Hermann, this means yours will be going out in the mail too!)

Chelsea, Jack...I appreciate your effort and patience.  While I feel bad that the handful of people interested in our videos did not get to see them, I feel a tad worse that you might think I was wasting your time!

Megathanks to the volunteers who sent in their interpretations: 4.4, Anonymous, Steve, and Jack.  I know it was a long time ago that you sent those in, but quite a few of us enjoyed looking at what you shared with us.  We appreciate it.  I want to say something like, "You are all winners!" but I hate to give false hope to crazy people.

Jokes and slanders aside, and last but not least, thank you to anyone here that took the time to vote.  If you can, in your comments, share a little love for the people listed above.  (You don't need to rhyme anything like I do.)


  1. Thanks guys, for spending your time and letting me laugh or gaze in awe at your submissions. You must know who you are. You're appreciated and things like that!


  3. Lesson learned my friend. I used that damn poll thingy once and only got like 2 people to vote. never again. lol.

  4. Well done to Andre for contributing! Also, congrats to Jack, but I think 4.4 should get equal congratulations for being the most insane.

    Also I agree that blogpoll sucks, maybe try vizu.com

  5. Congrats, guys. I appreciate your contribution to the continuing demise of my sanity.


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