Friday, August 12

First Annual Anouncement Of Nothing New

Inkblot Of The Day

If you have been around for awhile, you might remember some work by someone going by the identifier of 'pp' would pop in to the inkblot threads and offer his skilled interpretations.  (He has two in this Sensory Overload)  Something of his usually ends up in any of the "must print" books.  He did a number on what a lot of us consider the "gas mask/frog blot"

As if this wasn't detailed enough...

 Thanks, pp!  Very stunning.

Don't let yesterday's post fool you, it wasn't from yesterday.

Haha!  What a relevant joke to my subject matter!  As Wednesday's post highlighted, I have my head up my ass a bit and it is (and continuing) to be a very busy and fulfilling week.  I know that me not posting for days is nothing new, but I thought this time I would try and be bloggingly formal about it.  So I'll get back to some semblance of structure on Monday or Tuesday.

Plus, this will give you time to go to the Collection, pick a blot (or use the one from today,) and draw on it.  I haven't seen any submissions in awhile (not counting my whoring in Oekaki) and some may say this is because I don't put as many new inkblots up as I did before, or that I am not exactly Mr. Blog Promoter.   Perhaps I can remedy that by doing something with your interpretations.  If you send me one (at I will give you a 'reading' based on your drawing.  

So after the weekend I'll pop back with the last session for OTI, so if you have not voted for Session 3, go do so.  I realize I have made a train wreck of things there, but there will be closure!  You can still donate if the mood strikes you.

Take care.


  1. A reading you say? I'm game. Person that comments after me, you should be game too. Go on.

  2. Wow, this looks really awesome!
    Keep it up!

  3. Ink Blot of the day:

    I see a tired Demon laying on a table waiting for a massage.

  4. I see ballerinas plunging to their doom. Then again, I do hate the ballet.

  5. Well since no one else has said it after D4... IM GAME!

  6. I see batman wearing a cow cow skull.

  7. I ended up not being able to and am ashamed. Tear.

  8. I may be saying this prematurely, but since I'm getting back into my blogger routine I really do need to take some blots from the collection and bless them with my Paint skills.


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