Wednesday, August 10

Inkblot Of The Day (Thursday)

DO NOT: Have rabbits on the brain.  Definitely not a rabbit sitting
in the throne of his slain snake enemies.

For those interested in Open To Interpretation: All is not lost!  While I screwed up the majority of things, there is a quick Session 4 video, which will be up (hopefully) tomorrow, and I would feel silly not seeing how the battle of the Volunteers pans out.  I apologize for my lackluster (or complete lack of) presentation and promoting skills.

I'd like to quickly highlight the ending segment of the recording because it feels kind of..."full circle" with Jack (no homo) who confessed he only really looks at the blog on weekends.  In the first season he inadvertently named the series, and now he closes off with what he has gained from his unique (volunteer interpreter and presenter) participation:

For the blog by fillupthe3rd

For some reason, I guesstimated on the short side for the duration of the donations.  The ChipIn widget does not allow extensions.  Live and learn.   

DONATIONS ARE STILL OPEN.  You can win stuff.

Any concerns or questions?  As always just email me at with any thoughts.


  1. I see a crab piloting a space capsule

  2. Yeah. He's not that weird. Cough.

    I see goatse. Full on. First thing to come to mind. Fingers are well made out, nice detail going on. There's no way that's anything other than goatse.

  3. A rabbit sumo wrestler taking a massive dump.

  4. A space crab fighting off worms on each side.

  5. A crab with the head of the Donnie Darko bunny. Does that thing have a name? I honestly can't remember. The ecstasy of the past is eating away my brain/memory.

  6. @A-Veg: Frank. Frank the Rabbit.

  7. I see a crab? Maybe some centipedes.


What do you see?