Thursday, July 28

Open To Interpretation: Session 2

The recording got screwed up.  My fault (although it is still a mystery what want wrong.)  I don't know how I am getting worse at this instead of better.  My apologies to Jack, Chelsea and 4.4; I hope this doesn't sully your Skype experience.  Actually, the people most involved in this are not regulars of the blog, so I wonder if they will see that!

Well, that milk is all over the floor and nothing can be done about it, so I will mop it up as best I can.

Quick Note: the Wounded Warrior Project is in no way behind this game, or associated with it.  They are merely the recipients of your charity.   

After one week and 16 votes, Steve is in the lead.  DIRTY SECRETS: Chelsea can't remember if she voted, and Jack claims he never did in any of these games and I have no reason to doubt him at this time.  4.4 admitted to voting for herself, but apparently someone else did too.  (I always voted for myself in Season One...)

Original Blot

And now the blots for Session Two, along with some bullet points to lessen the blow (for me) of not having a video:

Jack's Mask
  • Jack was up first, and there is always discussion about the order of images and how that might influence a viewers vote.
  • The file name said "mask" but despite Jack's protests, we could not help but see some sort of angry cow god with it's nose cut off.
  • Many puns were made ("Cow Of Udder Destruction")

4.4's BJD On Display
  • 4.4 drew this BJD on top of a chupacbra-type thing in front of some weird dude or panda
  • Lots of WTF? to be had
  • Turns out BJD stands for Ball-Jointed Doll
  • Turns out BJD also stands for Bovine Johne's Disease, a clinical condition characterized by profuse, watery diarrhea and weight loss.  We decide this is what Jack's cow had.  ("It's not a cow, it's a mask.")

Anonymous Bookcase
  • Through no machinations on my part, Anonymous also drew a doll.  
  • Anonymous had lamented about not drawing them at a tea party.  
  • Anonymous can get pretty picky with his own work!
  • Discussion about cryptic markings on books.

Steve' below.
"Some sort of sun god amongst the clouds with 2 duck/swan creatures guarding him. Then 2 hilariously drawn women are putting pineapples on a rocket towards to sun god in order to please him. Oh and for some reason the women are stood on bananas." - Steve via email
  • Chelsea guesses like, 70% of what is going on before I read the description.
  • Entire mythology contained in one drawing.  (What would be the name of the religion?)
  • Duck swans = Duans or Swuks, Guardian of the Sun God
  • Fruit-based culture with low fuel supplies
  • If their god was a cow, we already have a mask for them.

So many thanks to them all for their submissions.  Please keep on voting, and of course if you can make a donation, that would be great.  Click here for a quick reminder of the prizes!


  1. I.. I see the cow mask thing. I also see how seeing something first might influence viewers, it makes sense. It might be cool to have descriptions for each ones and the actual pictures put up as a spoiler so that we can see them in the order that we better understand? That way you don't have to try to "unsee" something. I don't know how doable this is.

    Another thing I'd like to add is that I only accidentally voted for Jack last time. I had set the vote thingy elsewhere, commented, and THEN voted. It had reset and I clicked the vote button too quick, then I didn't have the option to change it. But it didn't really make a difference anyway, I'll just be more cautious this time.

  2. The all seem a bit insane... I'm gonna go with the mask though since I seem to see some Kabuki style actor.

  3. dang man your art work is magnificent!!

  4. jack's mask, but maybe it's because it was the first one i saw.

  5. These guys are right, I think the order in which we see these might skew our opinions. I'm not sure how to better present them though.

    The most sane is Jack's Mask.

    The most insane is 4.4's BJD.

  6. Going with the mask on this one.


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