Wednesday, June 22

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

This one hurts my eyes.

Perhaps I should draw on this one.  It unnerves me.  It was blue, too.  I don't think this laptop likes me today.  Let's just move on to those open Redemptions.

RATS GOT THE SAME SCORE.  That has to mean something.  Or nothing, which would be something anyway.

Well, at least I don't have to change his score on the Scale.

Runewake2 got a 3.6 which puts him in the deeper end of the crazy pool, where there are no lifeguards but plenty of floating bandages.

Balls indeed.  I still have to slap runewake2 on the chart.  As soon as I get home.  Also:

I know it didn't get any votes, but I *am* working on the Facebook page. It's easier to maintain all the interpretations. I'd link to an example, but I don't have any bookmarks on this yet..


  1. Two women who have their ponytails nailed to a tree.
    Yes, that's the best I can do. I'm ashamed as well.

  2. HAHAH, DB is making blots... I wonder how many dead babies there are...

    Also, picture looks like ovaries with two dancing girls below them.

  3. Looks like a dance club with two women dancing salsa to me. I'm also pretty excited to see DB blots. Even though they're still blots? Still!

  4. Ice lollies, the black chunks are strawberries.

  5. it looks like the twin towers collapsing, with a man in the middle falling.

  6. looks kinda like 2 knights fighting. lol.

  7. I see the aliens Roddy Piper sees when he puts on the glasses.

  8. Riverdance with Flately evolving into a demon.


What do you see?