Thursday, December 9

Inkblot Of The Day (Thursday)

My new current favorite blot.  For some reason.
Sorry about yesterday.  Time keeps on slippin', and I can only see it getting worse with the holiday approaching.  For some reason, everything else seems hectic, not just trying to figure out the whole gift/shopping thing.
I am on the verge of completing Ep9 Part2 and Ep10 Part1 simultaneously, so bear with me.


Suciô in for the ride again, some would say quite literally:
"Get Something Powerful Between Your Legs"

Classy indicated yesterday that he saw a bad-ass mofo.  I think he captured the moment pretty well.  Let's hope they capture him before he eats someone and wears their face:
Bad ass Cloaked guy with cloven\claw hands in the air as a human is sacrificed on an alter in front of serpent idols.  Oh, and there's a fire in the background too.

The Cockshiner probably felt compelled to draw a man wearing a backpack giving head to some sort of fire monster after having expressed (and now a matter of public record!) the thought in the first place.   It's okay, you got abused by a Fire Priest.  We don't judge here.  Oh yeah, we do:
In backpack: 50ft of silk rope

A-Veg said he saw a bit where Jesus as a lion.  Would it happen to be where that poor unfortunate man's backpack is outlined?

As always, please feel free to send any interpretations or generic emails to!


  1. haha this is new to me. im starting to like it a bit.

  2. Yep, the backpack is the Lion Jesus!

    The blot for today I see a clown (Gacy's Pogo to be exact) giving the middle finger with both hands (huge hands/fingers).

  3. ffffffffffff i first thought it was going to be goatse

  4. oh man, its awesome

    im followin you

    visit my place:

  5. Ugh. I see a clown. With, like, a Joker-ish smile.

  6. thats awesome. I like the last one hehe

  7. I see a deadly battlemage clown casting fire over his head. Funny thing is that I didn't check the yesterday submissions before coming up with this!

  8. Lucky firemonster, haha.
    followin and supportin :]

  9. I tried for 20 freakin minutes to get or GIMP to do what I was asking for,to no avail, so my replies will be strictly textual going forward. Don't get excited, not sexual, textual. I need a tutorial on image editing.

  10. The new blot really looks like a giant robot.

  11. Wouldn't a lion Jesus be Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia? I think the third one looks like Darth Vader with giant tree trunk claws.


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