Friday, December 10

Endless Inkblotami

Take a good look at the blot before scrolling around.  If you are a regular volunteer, there are "before the fold" images below that will sully your imagination, and the LAST thing I want is to use a word like "sully."

I really, REALLY hope that over the weekend I'll get a few submissions from this.

So with that in mind, please very carefully scroll through

Suciô is going full speed ahead.  Destination: Unknown.

Sally and her...breastplate?

Mr.Bouchard just might be having some trouble sleeping. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.  I am someone that is afraid of deadly fire-casting clown battlemages:
Look out, he's casting Sampara's Sizzling Seltzer!

Classy didn't send in an interpretation, but he actually gave up one of his friends to us.  AHAHAHA.  I'm not sure how to refer to her, or where she is from, but I imagine there are a few people looking for her right now saying, "Escaped?  Again?"  

I kid, but really, she forgot to send the description until 15 minutes later, so that is what I had to think.  :D
It is Krishna talking to a frog on a fountain with clown fish and fireflies flying around him.
There are also naked women guarding the conversation.

It just sucks because I botched it all up.  Maybe I'll just put it up on the Facebook page.
Hey!  I went from 11 likes to 10 likes.  Someone un-liked me!  How devastating!  

I am a fan of Endless Origami.  It's a webcomic with well over 100 entries now, and he still is churning out the funnies.  I think my first view of him was here.  Shut up, I was confused.  But there are quite a few gems such as this one and one of my favorites: this one.

So, to Commanderloochy (not making that up), accept this as fan art, by someone that can't draw:

Stage One: Incorrectly Copy Simple Shapes
Stage Two: Fold.  Forget to take picture before adding 'E' and 'O'
Stage Three: Appear as unstable fan to webcomic artist.

Oh, and he's not just a webcomic-person, he's also a volunteer:


  1. The new inkblot is about 2 guys pushing a large boulder in opposite directions... Looks to me like they aren't getting anywhere with that...

  2. i saw 2 kids at a circular table on laptops, with a couple chairs at the i fucked?

  3. that first one looks like two guys holding a vase

  4. In the new one, I see a woman breastfeeding two of her kids.

  5. I see two men performing surgery on a bee. Also, I dig the way you worked Endless Origami into the inkblot.

  6. I wish I could see half the crazy crap the rest of you see. Stupid sanity! It's so boring.

  7. It kinda looks like two mechanics working on some sort of submarine or one of the race cars from F-zero, and they're both facepalming.

  8. That's a very cool technique, looks great

  9. I saw two slave-men holding a massive Grecian jar of water. o_o

  10. For this blot I see Daft Punk staring down at a little house.

    I'll be visiting that Endless Origami from now on. lol @ the chocolate coins at the fat stripper!

  11. In the first image I see two technicians in radiation suits carrying an atomic bomb.


What do you see?