Friday, December 31

Come Back When You Are Wasted

Go get your holiday cheer on, and if you have a nice buzz, come back and draw what you see.  Or leave a comment.  You know the drill.  Be safe and all that; try not to let being a year closer to our impending doom bring you down.  Oh, unrelated:  I did get your stuff from yesterday, just rushing around today.

Still looking for audio transitions for the podcasts.  If you have any sort of mic, head over to Vocaroo and make a sound effect (again, if you are wasted, even better) and send it to  I don't care about quality.  Just.  Do.  It.  The one below is not the same as the last one you heard.  It's my wife trying to further prove that women CAN make sound effects just as good as any man.

Forced Transitions by fillupthe3rd


  1. I see an evil ant. :) And I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to another year of inkblots. Take Care.

  2. Why did I wait until morning to look at this blot >_<

    I have to agree with erics and state that I see a gas mask, or something to that effect. Although it's more of a hybrid of a gas mask and some insect/alien face!

  3. I'm relatively drunk. I see a praying mantis face. I also agree with erics, who said that he saw a man wearing a gas mask. definitely see that too.


What do you see?