Monday, December 20

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday)

While I don't like to immediately influence people, I can't help but notice the ducks talking on walkie talkies.

For my birthday my wife got me this:
Edit:  Not sure what happened to the image...
Yeah, that's a lot of bottles of ink.  I was very excited, but without testing out the viscosity and consistency of the ink on the paper, things turned out rather poorly:

if you can see something on that then more power to you

So, give me some time, maybe I can make a blot or two that stand out from my other ones. I know I can simply change colors after scanning things, but there is a certain satisfaction in making a multi-color blot that looks pretty cool and nothing like that monstrosity up there.

Meanwhile, enjoy these two wicked interpretations from an older blot:
Original Blot

Bearded pirate braves the elements. - Anonymous

The king and queens daughter is able to preform
 miracles and see into the future. - Nadia

Don't forget to click on the images to view them in their full glory.  If you have any interpretations, please send them to!


  1. I see a diagram of the female internal sex organs with ears, horns, and a mouth... which feels very ominous to me.

  2. Hope you had a really Happy Birthday. :)

  3. I see a shield with water splashing off the sides.

  4. Too bad I don't have any time for creating something. I either see a llama or a little butterfly landing on Timmy's face (the one from south park)

  5. that pirate picture is crazy awesome

  6. doesn't all that ink get expensive? God, I'm so cheap.

  7. these really hurt my brain, i don't even know what i see

  8. Working backwards today....

    Those two interpretations are very awesome. If I had art skills like that my interpretations would shut this blog down with all the traffic they'd generate. Penis monsters and animals smoking and pooping, that's stuff people can't handle fully illustrated.

    That's an awesome gift. I love the set, mainly because they all have their own little place. It's cool to see that, a nice and orderly little set of ink, and think about the things that will come of them in the form of blots and their eventual interpretations from people. Like seeing a high school photo of a serial killer.

    For the blot of the day, I actually keep seeing different things. Might be because I took a Soma a while ago for my back and it's making me feel the way a Soma is supposed to make you feel. At first glance I saw the head of a goat used in some sort of Satanic ritual. Then I saw the heads of ducks (4 different ones), then I saw a bathing suit (top and bottom) with no one in it (bottom middle). So......there ya have it.

  9. Damn, A-Veg, muscle-relaxant much? :)

  10. I see some kind of alien meditating


What do you see?