Friday, December 17

Episode Ten (Part 1 of ?)

CONTENT WARNING:  While you aren't going to see any nudity or graphic images of violence, there is certainly vulgarity!  Just keep your hand on the volume.

So, now we're back with just "rating" people's interpretations.  All the blots were by anonymous volunteers (with the possible exception of 'pp' from /i/,) and several by me (just one in this part) to entertain the judges (OK, OK, "other participants"):

Buxton, who is pretty much co-pilot in all these endeavors, Dalek (or Josh,) a regular whom many of you have probably seen his work, and Bavita, Mrs. "Oh, Someone Is Here, I Gotta Go" from Episode Eight, who actually sticks around for the whole thing, despite NOT EVER SENDING IN HER INTERPRETATION. :)

Anyway, that lot right there are pretty entertaining themselves.

If you are only going to watch one little bit (this vid is a long one) please jump to 7:12 as it contains important lingo relevant to this blog.


Some people had difficulty with my Photoshop Garbage blot, some didn't.  One of our regular's, Mr. Bouchard, was not phased AND he completed a triforce:

Kudos to you, sir!  Nothing stops this madman.


I know, the audio thing was weird.  I need to take a picture of the ghost box, because it looks like a rejected prop from Ghostbusters.  Anyway, it turns out that while my recording was real, I must of asked Buxton to record herself saying "never leave" just so I could mix it in and play it back for my friend at her house and possibly get her freaked out.  (It never happened.)  

Then I put it in on the internet to try and fool someone else.
You're responses were/are as interesting as any inkblot, so I appreciate you all taking a break from our norm here. 

Really Unablogger?  "It's a Goodwill thing"  That's what you got from that?  :)


There are people that have become regulars, but because I am not quick on the draw, they have not ended up in the Regulars tab yet.  I still intend to rectify that.
  1. Mr. Bouchard
  2. Sucio Sanchez
  3. Classically Trained Nub
  4. Cliff and Frank (email me if you are around!)

Your efforts are appreciated and I don't want them to go unnoticed, so continue to bear with me.


Outside of what?  I dunno, I am on a few different forums and image boards.  This man I only know as the "sad jew" but his affinity to drawing on inkblots makes him a happy camper in my book.
Can you guess what blots from the past he was drawing over?

I believe this is the origin of the "sad jew"
This should be familiar to the regulars!


I'll be checking out my favorite blogs over the next 48, but I gotta have an Inkblot Of The Day!  Scanner is still crappy (there is a video on this blog somewhere...) so I took a picture of it:

So that's it.  I'll be running around on my birthday weekend (BUT WHICH DAY IS IT?) but I will most certainly keep and eye on my email: for any comments or interpretations!  Thanks again to all participants, and GO WATCH THE VIDEO.


  1. I'll need to way at least one day before doing anything out of this inkblot because now it seems that I can't get rid of the butthole artist's picture! Whoever listened to that video know what I mean! haha

  2. A quick note on your "butthole" blot, your red lines toward the end of the segment pulled forth from the depths of my mind "the runway of love"..... lol. Always entertaining!

  3. Cool now it's all goatse in my mind. Nothing washes it off either.

  4. Whoa totally did not see an insect coming out of that Photoshop blot.

  5. interesting stuff here, didnt have time to watch the vid right now though :(

  6. -That- was on your screen for about two full minutes D:

  7. Entertaining as always. I didn't expect the gaping asshole by the unknown 'butthole artist'.

    By the way, I just noticed my place on the regulars page. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

  8. I love ink blots. I'm gonna have to check out some of u're other posts. Thanx for this. Great vid.

  9. got an error while watching the vid or?

  10. Haha dude that was awesome! You seem like a great laugh and I LOVE the way you put it together.
    The transition from blot to picture was great.

    PS In England, Dogging is the act of driving up to a hill, and having sex in a car whilst those outside watch and masturbate.
    That's the more international term for dogging I think!

  11. I thought a butthole artist was someone who leaves skidmarks in his skivvies.

  12. To me this looks like a vampire that comes flying at me from outside some kind of tunnel at great speed... He also has lots of blood dropping down from it's fangs... It's rather frightening !!

  13. would have been better if it included nudity

  14. I see a couple of Harlem Globetrotters passing a b-ball between them with flair.

  15. One of the lasts is a raccoonbat!!


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