Thursday, December 16

Audio Pareidolia Of The Day

Ok, I am having scanner problems.  And time constraints.  But I will be back tomorrow with the first part of Episode 10, various interpretations of different blots from emails (Yes, I got them!) and other sources, and a proper Inkblot Of The Day.  Also, please accept this generic statement about me not getting around to my favorite blogs.

Pareidolia can work on multiple senses.  In this case I had made a video several months ago after recording some EVP at a friends house.  I don't believe in ghosts, and I know my "ghost box" is just picking up random interference, but...

Still, in the video below, I am curious as to what you hear after I ask the "entity" a question.  (Jump to 1:01 if you want to skip the back story and go right to the audio.)

So in this instance, it's not what do you see, but what do you hear?  (Please note:  I am a big fan of the paranormal and the enjoyment I get from reviewing stories/pics/sounds, and I am part of a few paranormal blogs and forums.  I'm not shitting on the concept of EVPs or ghosts, just expressing my personal beliefs.)


  1. "Another color", which is most likely not what the voice said..

    That sure was quite strange yet I'm not a huge paranormal believer. Between, thought it was a screamer at first -_-

  2. What I heard may have been slightly influenced by the question, but I heard "hunter green."

  3. I couldn't really make anything out. It sounded like someone saying "mumble mumble mumble" after listening to it a few times.

  4. I'm a faithful person so I don't believe in things like that.

  5. I heard bum bum bee. I bet you could get some cool sounds with your ghost box.

  6. i duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnno. im skeptical


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