Tuesday, December 21

Inkblot Of The Day (Tuesday) + Transitions

I know, right?  Anon from another forum (again, I frequent a few) took an older blot I put up and did a dip trip, flip fantasia on it.  It totally looks 100x more bad-ass now.  I am so putting this up again over the Xmas weekend to try and get as many interpretations as possible.  If you are up to it, please email them to st.inkblots@gmail.com!  Thanks, anonymous!


You might recall (or scroll, it was only yesterday) that I thought it looked like two ducks talking in to walkie-talkies at the bottom left and right of yesterday's blot.  
Big props to Suciô Sanchez for his integration of that theme in to the title of his toody-froodian interpretation:

"The Biggest Quack Of All"
Definitely one of my current favorites.  Props to you sir.  Anyone reading should go pop on over to his page now.  Vote Sanchez!


Some of you that follow me know that a good portion of why I do any inkblots at all is because I enjoy making cheap little vids to watch the transition from the inkblot to the interpretation.  What I need are sounds for them:

So if you have ANY SORT of microphone or headset, record a noise that sounds like one thing changing to another.  I don't care about the quality.  I don't care if you use Vocaroo or if your recording sounds like crap.
Anything and everything will be accepted at st.inkblots@gmail.com!


  1. hahaha, great transition noises. That first one by Josh was hilarious. Sounded more like the intro to a bad action movie. But either way, I hope I actually hear that in one of your videos.

    The blot for the day looks like a Virindi from Asheron's Call surrounded by weird creatures/monsters. I'll do my best to make that come to life in Paint if I have some time.

  2. This one just looks evil...like a skull with clawed hands reaching out for you.

  3. The first one is Ryouk from Death Note.

  4. "dip trip, flip fantasia" Damn you Rorschach!! Now that damned song is stuck in my head! /grumble. I might send in on this pic, but prolly not, I am not artistic enough to put to paper what I see. =D

  5. u surely got some talent. im seeing lots of different combinations on this pics :O

  6. yeah, first one looks like some made monster with claws out

  7. crap did i miss the post?? i'm gonna try to do something for this, but if not... i'll definitely do the next one!

  8. something evil is lurking in between that blot, i can feel it.

  9. I see a part tree part spider man...

  10. I see... a lot og black and white. Just give me a second and I'll send you something.

  11. Damn that's a scary looking inkblot. I see a bunch of crabs (or similar sea-insects) holding a certain slender man captive.
    That clip was quite amusing. I'll definitely be recording some transition sounds for you.


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