Wednesday, December 1

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

That's right, I only crumpled HALF the paper this time.  And the ink
is still blue, I just shooped it black.  The traditional color.
Congrats to I'm Dustee for seeing the same thing I did in yesterday's blot.  She got mailed the secret password that will unlock the .rar file with some text in it.  Not very exciting, but take heart!: You are the first!
This time I drew something and passworded it up.  You can download the file here.  If someone guesses what I drew, you get the password and get to see my horrible, scary and disturbing interpretation to share or share not as is your desire.  Not that I won't put it up later on down the line, but for now...THE POWER COULD BE IN YOUR HANDS.

Speaking of hands, I usually pride myself on not getting ink on my fingers while not wearing gloves.  I had a pretty good run.

Not intentional face.
Not intentional finger.
Still working on the other pages a little bit at a time (added some Regulars and some Podcasts), and just had an epiphany about how to present the Inkblot Of The Day for the people that can't seem to grasp how this blog works.  MY FAULT.  Go vote on the poll on the right.

Dan (his blog is down, but not gone,while he studies proper) still thankfully took the time to send in his interpretation from yesterday's blot:

I see a poorly drawn metaknight in the blot.
 What's odd is that I have never played a Kirby game.
It occurred to me that almost everyone apologizes for their drawing skills.  Please stop.  I understand.  It's all about the fun.


  1. This time, I see a weird looking mouse surrounded by hammer head sharks. These are always so much fun!

  2. I see an evil spider today. :) Nice Face/Finger.

  3. i see...a butterfly...on roids?

  4. I saw the feathered serpeant Aztec god known only as the one and powerful Quetzalcoatl :

  5. I see the top part of a skull - Mickey-Mouse's skull and tattered ears? Yikes!

  6. I just keep seeing the Toribash characters torn to pieces in the new one. Although I bet most of the ink blots would be able to look that way.

  7. Hay bud just stopping by and viewing the blog love what your doing with it keep it up. I am starting to post on my blog some more think you can stop by and take a look.

  8. I see an Asian man with antlers!

    I'm not that familiar with any Kirby characters. I thought it was a Transformer version of Jigglypuff.

    I like the middle finger face. It looks so happy. If that had happened to me I would've given it a voice (like Mr. Bill) and screamed "Oooooh NOOOOOOOOO" when I washed my hands.

  9. I asked this guy. He said:

    (6:20:52 PM) Walter Snacks: a bird with spread wings
    (6:21:08 PM) Walter Snacks: maybe a puffin
    (6:21:12 PM) Walter Snacks: yeah a puffin

  10. I see a brain, looking from above a human skull. Do I win?


What do you see?