This tab used to be called "Podcast" because of the opening below:

Ok, it's not a podcast.  
More of a vidcast?  Is that an accepted term?  Or a YouTubeCast?
In essence it's just a little game where some of us either rate each other's inkblot interpretations and make fun of them, or try to guess if someone drew something specific.  It's really still quite in a state of flux.  Forgive me, Anonymous, for temporarily taking you out of the flow.

"Podcast" was a bit misleading, so since they happened on Skype, pow.  Bob's your uncle.  Continue.

February 1st, 2011 - Various people hang out on Skype and we look at inkblots sometime.  There is the most simple explanation.

I'm not sure how many people take notice of these videos when I post them.  Maybe 20?  Or 10 people watching it twice.  The videos themselves are no works of art (that excludes the user-submitted drawings!) They are mostly full of bathroom humor, juvenile insults, and references to things I am apparently too old to understand.  Maybe it is an acquired taste; I'm sure you'll figure it out after one or two of them.

But I like doing it; I like having these little digital mementos and I enjoy listening to people talk about other's  interpretations.  I'm sure there are a handful of people out there, comprised mostly of the people that are involved, that might like to see how these turn out.   So, with a mediocre "meh" towards having no real goal, I shall continue to do them for our personal entertainment.

Edit: Episode 11 recorded - April 6, 2011

Episode Ten
December 2010

Episode Nine
December 2010

Episode Eight
November 2010

Episode Seven
Ocotoboer 2010

Episode Six
September 2010

Episode Five
August 2010

Episode Four
August 2010

Episode Three
July 2010

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Full Size Images Here

Episode Two
June 2010
(Just to let you know, there are images 
of fecal matter in the second part.  
Not drawings put photos of REAL POO.)

Episode One
June 2010