Friday, December 3

I think I am in a state of saltiness.  I swear I have been putting in several hours towards fleshing out this blog.  I was having a little night cap and was trying to think of cool background pictures to have.

I took this picture, and then I could not stop staring.

I'm just going to go to bed.

Sorry for the further break in habit.


Erroneous Maximus and Shelby Fox, we have something in common from yesterday;s blot.  Use this password to find out:


  1. i see chaos , death ,blood and tears

  2. The hours of work are paying off. Things are looking good!

    I like the way all those blots look together like that. That's kind of what my office looks like, but instead of ink blots there are tons of plants and animals I've stolen from zoos and arboretums.

    PS - I kid you not, I searched my computer last night for key loggers.

  3. Awesome photo, pretty creppy thou considering that its face of man in hat staring at me - in the middle of pic.

  4. Your blog looks wicked!
    I'll follow it. :)

  5. what is that a picture of? a bunch of drawings? *notices blog name* oooooooh

  6. Man, I love plywood. You should turn this into a plywood blog.

  7. Mannnnnnnnnnnn

    if these inkblots were all held on to a piece of plywood like a collage, I would buy the hell out of that piece of plywood. if I had money.

  8. /r/ing hires scans / photos of each inkblot for us to make cool wallpapers with. Inkblots are stylish. I now want a shirt or two or three that are white with a cool inkblot that's all huge and shit positioned in random places on the shirt, like the centre is about 4 inches under the armpit and it just stretches over it. I want an inkblot t-shirt.


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