Friday, October 29

Now With Prizes

Got a few interpretations from yesterday's blot, but I need to make two announcements.  Well, one is an announcement, the other is a request.

One (1): I am pleased to announce the inclusion of a prize to the Rorschach Redemption inkblot game-YouTube-thingy.  Winners will have the name of their choice attached to a $10 donation to the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR CORRECTIONAL & FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY.
I hope this induces mixed feelings in any future winner, as it says more about your psyche than it does anything about my charity.  Is it still considered charity if my intentions are to cause discomfort?

Two (2): I need strangers.  I need people to be in the quiz, and I need people to generate 'wrong answers.'  Well, I don't *need* that, but I can't help but feel it would continue to add to the entertainment value, and I am juuuust starting to wear out my welcome on the forums in which I gathered those answers for previous episodes.
If you have spare time, please be being pleased to email me at

For those of you not just glancing by the page, I implore you to continue reading as I paste Cliff Miller's number-coding to his image.  Several people, including myself, saw a similar shape:

Click to Enlarge
A - Its hair or hat
B - Its eye
C - Its shoulder
D - Its elbow (with a cool extension [c.e.], a shadow or dress extension I suppose)
E - Its hand
F - Its fingers maybe typing
G - Its chest
Green: Some stains
Red: Fuck yea, a V on its back, again I said, I saw something also, and I would of described it as some sort of Mickey Mouse hat-wearing Plague Doctor, but I appreciate Cliff's clinical breakdown here.

From the Bacefook, I have a submission from Dalek, complete with right/wrong coding and references to my pronunciation of certain terrain-walkers from Star Wars:

"Clearly it's two fat guys with nice packages high fiving and there's a fucking rabbit in the background."
Clearly!  Thanks for the multiple-package delivery.

Third, but not fourth, is continuing contributor A-Veg, aka The Angry Vegetarian, who is getting in the spirit of...uh...well he made a submission, and that's what counts!  :D
(P.S. - It's Friday)

Click To Enrage
And here is something from Nadia that I just can't keep to myself for Episode Ten:

Pretty damn cool.  No text, no description, just some furries enjoying the sunset together on a rooftop?  Expect to see more of this person's brain in the future.

After all that it kind of seems weird to try something new, but what the hell.  The inkblot below is to be viewed at it's actual size.  I'm just curious as to how that will work out.

Clicking will not Enlarge!


  1. i actually really like the 2nd to last picture, its simple but feels meaningful

  2. Damn it! I clearly read "clicking will not enlarge" and I clicked anyway! I've been online far too long today.

    Which is probably why I'm seeing somewhat of a big cat's face in that blot, like a tiger. But not just any tiger, this mofo is the god-tier tiger. He's looking at me angrily, as if to say, "I'm disappointed in you, little man with the number for a name. Very disappointed."

  3. im with onefourseven, obviously a big kitty of some sort...looks like a bobcat to me only ive killed it....or someone has... its eyes and the position of the jaw are an expression of shock breaking face of murderous intent

  4. Hey Rorschach, i`ll probably have more time early next week if you still need volunteers.

    Great job man, i've been following your blog since the beginning and it has really gotten increasingly interesting while still being unique.

    You should consider hosting your domain, or we should "join forces" later on. I'm working with a graphic design and SEO company, and am thinking of attempting to delegate a team of blogger united under one website :)

  5. Elephant diarrhea, lol.
    Thanx for posting my image, I'm happy for prizes news :)
    Sorry but now I have no time to give my interpretation about today's inkblot, but it let me think about a butterfly.

  6. I'll see if I can recruit some people to look at the inkblots for number 2

  7. the furries watching the sunset is very well done and I can't see the elephant in that one persons picture =/

  8. It looks like a ladybug. I wonder if the size association makes my mind compare it to something of equal proportions....

  9. oh shit! we got prizes now? well it still looks like titties

  10. woohooo i am in , i want the reward

  11. Awesome drawing from Nadia. Makes my naked cowboy go limp. The one in my drawing, that's not like a nickname for anything.

    For the blot, I keep thinking about Mothman Prophecies so I keep seeing like a winged creature of some sort.

    I may be interested in the quiz, though. Oh and I like Cliff Miller's letter coded image. I think I should do that sometimes, like when I get crabs on my naked cowboy.

  12. The angry vegetarian is right, I haven't been able to look at these since the Mothman Prophecies. You have a nice layout and color scheme, btw.


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