Tuesday, April 26

Inkblot Interpretations With Legs

While some of us saw people dancing or insects mucking about in yesterday's inkblot, others seemed to be WORSHIPING SATAN.  Ok, maybe not, but Nadia's demon-skull summoning picture might possibly scare off some of the more religious blog readers.  You know who you are.  Awesome work as usual, Nadia.

Elsewhere on the Oekaki board, other anonymous folk were kind enough to post their interpretations.  Some thought I had a purpose.

"Looks like you've drawn a squatting humanoid on purpose.
Those eyes are not a co-inkydink."  

This man (woman?) demonstrates his active horse stance.
Not true!   It's random.  Just ask my cat.  It's pareidolia.  Hmm, 'Pareidolia' would make a mediocre name for a cat.  Probably just end up calling him Pare.  Anyway, thank you sir or madam for taking a little time out to share.

I strongly feel the next interpretation should speak for itself.

No?  Ok, I guess I'll paste the description that came with it:

it's mainly 2 monks trying to dismantle a monster made of only legs. They each have only 1 arm and the other are spirit arms. The top set of legs has thigh-highs on and the bottom set has tights.
By the top legs there are 2 sperm swimming to the finish line
on the bottom there is a panda guy with a parasite on its head

If you were not at a loss for words then I would love to hear what you thought it was before reading the text.  Thanks to this Anon as well, obviously.

So uh, yeah I don't have any new inkblots just yet.  Got wrapped up in other pareidolia-related stuff.  Speaking of wrapping up, let's look at the final score for LoneIslander:

I've been known to accept a tenth or two.  And get the hell away from my car.
Rounding up, we have him at 2.1, which is just below the starting line.  "Too bad," or "congratulations!"  are in order.  It all depends on your perspective I guess.  I promise to make sure I update the chart after the future Redemption of my lovely troll wife (if you are reading this, then you should know that THREE inkblots is the average for a good Redemption).

Click To Enlarge, Just Like All The Images

Don't forget to thank LoneIslander for sharing, even though he was just avoiding work when he drew his interpretations.


  1. i just saw puppy in your inkblot. in the 4th picture, lower part :D sorry for engrish

  2. That monk inkblot. I thought it was a monster pregnant woman with 3 vaginas as 2 doctors attempted to deliver a baby.

    I guess, even when it's not exactly a blot, it's subject to interpretation.

  3. Ahh that satanic ritual drawing is fantastic. Especially the floating skulls

  4. uber creative, really didn't see that! :D

  5. The panda dude is just so cute~

  6. I thought the panda was someone spreading... forget it.

  7. Oh wow, so this is what was meant by Ink Blots - Definitely following, very interesting!

  8. Stupid talented artists making me feel bad :/


  9. The monk interpretation is brilliant.


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