Wednesday, November 17

Inkblot Of The Day (Wednesday)

Almost went in the trash.  Hmm...
I tried adding a dash of H2O to the black ink bottle to see if I could get a few more blots out of it.  I also tried folding paper like I thought I was an accomplished origami master.  Rather abysmal.  I might have to jam a few together in Photoshop and see what happens.  They can't all be winners.  Or 2nd placers.  Or even contenders.

Protip: Don't put fresh ink-on-paper on the carpet.
On the bright side (because ink is dark, another dose of drawings done by the dynamic duo of Dalek and Dan (no relation to each other at all, despite the similarity of their interpretation):


Nice shades.  Wonder what he is yelling at?

Original in the center.
Do you have a cold or illness or otherwise feeling unwell?  
Does it have an effect on what you can see in the inkblots?  The Angry Vegetarian said he had difficulty seeing things the past few times because he wasn't up to par.  I just assumed his brain was concentrating on other things, but there have been a few entries in the past from other people that have stated similar things.  I am intrigued.

(P.S.@A-Veg: I am glad you are feeling "healthier."  I choose that word because after your description from yesterday, I'd hardly call your sense of being "better.")

EDIT:  He may be feeling better, but he still certainly needs help.  This is a quick "late" entry from (might as well be) regular A-Veg...

Click Image To Enlarge.  No really, you'll want to see the descriptions.
It is truly possible to start a religion from this one.  And by "religion" I mean "cult that worships randomness."
Many thanks to Dalek, Dan, and A-Veg, and of course thanks to you all that leave your interpretations in the comments.  Except for Croatian Spam Guy.


  1. Sort of a stupid mix up of things for today.

    I see: an upside down cowboy eating a bowl of soup that has smoke coming out of it, a big statue/monument of penis' and some testicles, an african voodoo doctor, and a plunger

    I shall email you with my outlines for yesterday and today. Although my art skills are far superior than anyone else's (especially while using a paint program with a track pad), todays is very bad.

  2. who had the idea of that drawing? its genius

  3. Haha I always assumed people saw depressing or sad things in these blots. Nice to see some happy stuff! Which is rare!

  4. Scyther!!! the pokemon!

  5. also hitmontop!
    or a crazy ninja guy!
    i wsih I could draw these

  6. I see a lot of things that make no sense :(

  7. the guy with the moustache looks great ;)

  8. I can't stop laughing, last yesterday's inkblot interpretaton is fucking funny.

    If you rotate today's inkblot, as my usual, we can see a figure, a human or alien figure full of muscles, with white face and big long arms and black painted eyes. Oh, lol, he/it has no legs :O

  9. This at first glance reminded me of stormtrooper from Star Wars :)

  10. The top blot looks like a sword with perhaps tribal guards in the background.

  11. Hah. I see some sort of celebration / cult ritual. Some little guy in the center is preaching to the Oktoberfest wearing women that like to hold hands. They are entering a cave or something. or a cathedral.

  12. I actually see a crab. You can see the claws and the legs and all.

  13. i see two angels (or demons but more like angels to me) holding a polearm of some sort in the middle with serpents comming up behind them.

  14. Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog


What do you see?