Monday, November 22

Inkblot Of The Day (Monday + Sacrilegiousness)

Well, technically it is an inkblot.  I don't have too much of an explanation as to what I was doing.  I personally see a lot in it.  I'm afraid the next few posts will be a tad spartan as I try and continue setting up the Regulars pages and finish slapping Episode Nine around (and start recording Episode Ten: Return To Origins.  Nah, it will not have such a fancy title.  Well...)

A lot of people saw a religious figure on Friday.  Hell, I saw him, which is why I put it on the background of a wall of thorns.  Probably didn't need to do that.   From our regulars:

Colin B didn't say it was any deity, but I would be interested to know what name he would be given (not Colin, but penis-shoulders here:)

Please title me!
On the other end of the description-spectrum, Dalek was specific about his labeling:

Depressing AND bloody!

Thanks again to these two stalwart contributors.  When the time comes, I'll make sure you get the best treatment possible.

If anyone was offended by any of this, please let me know at so I can avoid you.


  1. In the first picture, I see devils chasing each other.

  2. I see 3 different characters. First, I see Andariel from Diablo 2. She is punching a pineapple in the middle. Then, there is a Magcargo on the right side sitting by himself. He is lonely because no one wants to catch a Magcargo.

  3. I see like plants with spiky petals, for the first picture.

  4. The new one looks like 3 characters with their own styles. The giant one is probably a boss.

  5. I see three aliens, one carrying a human head.

  6. there obvious a massacre is happen in that , one monster reaping some kindof girl

  7. I see a jester with some kind of bird on his shoulder with a little minion chasing what seems to be three little imps!


What do you see?