Saturday, November 20

Episode Nine (Part 1 of 2)

I'm just going to copy this straight from the YouTube description:

While the images are tame, you might not want to have the volume up too loud for the kiddies to hear.

Chelsea "Giggles At Guns" vs. General "I'll Be Around Whenever The Hell I Feel Like It" Failure.

With absolutely no offense to the volunteers (contestants and interpreters) I just got jaded in the middle of editing this due to minor technical issues but mostly because of the decision to go back to the non-game show version of things.

Music: Leslie - Urbanism:

Ok, so I seem to be really screwing up the embedding there.  Might be better to watch it from it's native page.

  Anyway, I received several interpretations from yesterday's blot, which I am SO NOT explaining why I did what I did.  (It wasn't for Jesus.)  I'll put them up on Monday.  Feel free to send one if you missed the chance.

So I am saving all that jazz up for Monday, as I am going to be taking "weekends off."  Sort of.  I know ink-on-paper doesn't sound that involved to begin with, but you know...blogs.
I'm not saying there won't be any posts.  Just probably not as many and there will not be an Inkblot Of The Day for the weekends.  Sorry.

My thanks to everyone for the suggestions and support, and of course for letting all of us in to a little slice of your brain.  It's small, but fertile.  :D


  1. Lol good call. If you give yourself the weekend off, I will copy. You are my master and idol :)

    I love how you start the video off with vaginas. thats clearly the best way to go.

    I catch my whoars by claptraps.

    I really need to go back in time and check out your earlier videos. For some reason I can only remember watching like 3 or 4. Maybe i'll save that for the week though. There's a higher likelihood of being sober then.

  2. I love how this blog has become better and better. Keep it up!

  3. Taking the weekend off is a great idea.
    It was cool how they turned the inkblot into the two angels. I didn't see it like that.

  4. its fine, im looking forward to monday then!

  5. @Dan Hahaha so true!

    Another great post man, and nice to see it in vid format!

  6. You should definitely give yourself the weekends off, you deserve it!

  7. i love the music thanks for source

  8. another one great video of yours, love your inkblots

  9. it's good to take a break from what you're doing sometimes...i feel like if i do it too much it becomes a chore and i lose the passion for it


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