Wednesday, December 7

You Stay On Your Side Of The Room

I finished going through all my old posts so that I could have a listing by date of all the Interpretations This Blog Has Received, not counting game shows, charity stuff, Sensory Overloads or Total Redemptions.  Goddamnit, why is "redemptions" considered a spelling error?  I am referring to more than one redemption.  Redemptions.

Uh, so yeah, the Interpretations page.  You will see the pattern as I swayed from strictly blog posts and images and started to get a little goofy with the video stuff.  Speaking of which, I need to fix that tab, with the way things are now...

The Way Things Are Now

As some of you know, I graduated from showing shoddy computer generated inkblots to friends to making my own inkblots to show to strangers.  It seems logical that somewhere in the next step there would be puppetry, right?

"Blot" is the official name of the dog administering inkblot tests.  Things kind of went a different direction with that, causing a bit of disruption for one of my most loved hobbies here, and I had to kick him and his little fox-friend out.  They now live here:  The Slapdash Society

That's not to say there won't be more videos involving inkblots, I just don't see that happening too soon.  Perhaps after the contest.  Yes!  Contests!  More details tomorrow, but it's basically an art contest with one of the prizes being that 12-month Xbox Live Game Card that no one seems to want when they win it.

So, thems the beans.  I know a lot of blogging involves reciprocal blog-reading, and for that I apologize.  To the people whose blogs I like to visit simply because I like what you have there:  I have some catching up to do.


  1. Interesting post!

  2. Good to see you back around the blogosphere. I see a cat extending its paws in the one up there.

    Also, I'm all over that contest, keep us posted.

  3. it happens to all bloggers, don't worry. ;)

  4. EEEE I'm glad there's more! I'm just pissed that I don't have the time tonight to check out those 7 posts. Like, timing man. You had to do this when I was ready and stuff. How dare you not wait for me, what is this.

  5. What no more vids with dog puppets AWWWW :(

    At least it's good to see you back.

  6. I always think the hand made ink blots look a lot better. :D


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