Thursday, April 21

Open To Interpretation: Session 1

Please vote in the widget on the right after you see the interpretations!

I am determined to have some sort of parallel video blog going on here, so we are trying yet another format out to see what works.  This time though, why not drag some charity kicking and screaming in to it?  In the form of a contest?  A psychological contest...OF THE MIND.

For the next several weeks, myself and several others will be drawing out our interpretations to different blots.  They will be posted, and you will vote each time ("Sessions") on the interpretation that you see/agree with the most (or at least as much as possible under the circumstances.)

The person with the most overall cumulative votes by May, Friday the 13th (o0o0!) will be declared the winner, and the winner will select which charity* the money goes to, and select which reader/viewer gets the prizes.  By "prizes" I mean "random stuff," but it will include a copy of the Inkblot Coffee Table Book, and the promise of the Inkblot Coffee Table Book V2.
*The charity has to be reputable and fairly well recognized.  Also, no donations for Scientology or Westboro Baptist Church or any pointless shit like that.

It's very bare bones.  You will see.  It will be split in two sections: Submitted Art Highlights and Contest Interpretations.  And it's all under 5 minutes, because we know your time is short.

I'm relying on any feedback you can give; no input is too small or inconsequential.  Once we put this through the wringer, after the first donation goes out, the next time will integrate (somehow) any submissions from the readers to pit our sanity against theirs.

So the ChipIn widget should be up, and I am not sure I can submit a donation from the same PayPal/email that is linked to the ChipIn widget, but I am going to put a tenner in there if we don't see anything in a few days.  Don't leave us hanging!  Every dollar counts!

Now get to voting, it's under the ChipIn donation widget on the right, and suggesting charities, and maybe sucker a friend in to watching and voting too.  And because we know that only the smallest segment of people are watching the video, here are the blots to vote for.  Remember, vote for the one that you can see/agree with the most:

Original Blot

Jack's Samurai

My Skull (well, not literally)

General Failure's...thing.

And the submitted art highlight by Anonymous (via Oekaki forum):

Add caption?  See video.

I hope we wasted your time!  Don't forget to control the Servants of Hell population and get your demons spayed or neutered.


  1. Fantastic idea, I wish I could actually draw so I could participate.

  2. I uh, most agreed with Fail's blot thing.. Didn't see the skull at all until well, I saw it. Yeah.

  3. You want a caption? Like /hell/ I would give you a caption, even if you threatened me with /scared horses/
    Oh god I fail at humor

  4. i can kind of see the skull, so


  5. I've got my eyes on the prize. I'm telling you, that's a skull. Not a samurai. Not a mantis-man.
    A skull.
    That is crying.
    Because of something you did.

  6. One vote for Fail? That must be from Fail.

  7. Very interesting what's in people's minds.


What do you see?