Monday, January 3

You are probably going to see this one again, as I am going to put more ink on it tonight.  The whole Photoshop mixing-and-matching was giving me a headache, so I will just say I am "remaining pure" with the whole ink thing.

Ever since the PayPal account verification thing* happened, I've been trying to think of a good prize to give out monthly for whatever-the-hell-floats-my-boat.  Some of you were suggesting slapping a book together out of (I'm assuming) the blots and their interpretations.  I was actually thinking of doing this for my own needs, and the only thing really holding me back was organization skills and a slight aversion to going to Office Max to get things printed out nicely.  (Might be worse than getting that book out from the library.)

Would you give me your address if I told you you won something?

*It kind of went under the radar, but a $10 donation to the International Association For Correctional and Forensic Psychology was made, and was going to be the standard prize until PayPal starting asking for my bank account.  Why this requires small text, I am not sure.

Just About Everyone Saw 
A Gas Mask Over The Weekend

I had an epiphany, and that was that I should really draw my interpretation before I even post the blot, because I get really influenced by what people say.  Particularly when Suciô Sanchez stops by with his interpretation AND his punny titles:
"Keep Your Eye On The Ba'al"

Suciô is also sending some traffic my way, so thanks for that, and my apologies for having to follow up on your interpretation with my feline fecal Fantasia:
See Yesterday For Title
I posted it a little earlier on Facebook.  Dalek, in his CONSTANTLY CRITICIZING MANNER, made his own observation. 
Not exactly sure I am protecting his identity there.  Still...MAGIC CAT.

Speaking of Facebook, I have to share this with you non-Facebook people (not sure if that is a good or bad thing.)  To protect her identity, I will not be mentioning Hanna's name:
Click To Enlarge

"Alright Philliam, it's like this. Your blog was obviously taken over by intergalactic Lady Morcrabru (Mork-ray-boo, bottom right) and her beloved pet, Meldew, (top). The only way to get it back was for one warrior- Meshaunut (Mesh-on-ut, bottom left,) from the planet Zigdabor 9 to rise up, and beat her back to her place as a lowly house waitress in Earth's Connecticut."

It's practically a Journey song already!  Anyway, I very much like it when people offer up things like this, so thank you Anonymous Hanna!
Would you like to see inkblots a mere several hours before they are on the blog?  Perhaps receive multiple and confusing repetitive blog post alerts?  I didn't think so, but there is always Facebook.  Otherwise, please send whatever floats your boat to


  1. Another interesting blot! I think the larger ink blob in the top right looks like a little fluttering chick facing to the left.

  2. Blood Alien. :) Hope all is well.

  3. i can see some weird creature with huge feet and tiny arms that's rather happy

  4. clueless..staring at this thing way too long. ill go smoke some herb

  5. these things confuse the hell out of me because i have the attention span of a walrus. wait, why a walrus? i don't know.

  6. Im tripping balls here too

  7. Hate to be normal, but I also saw a gas mask. Might have been because I read the text before looking at the blot. Who knows!

  8. I'd give up my address if I won something. But only if it was grain alcohol.

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw a ram!

    Now I see a praying mantis!

  10. O.o great blog, followin you,

  11. I'd give you my address even if I didn't win anything. I'm not worried, analyzing my inkblot descriptions should keep most people at bay >_>

  12. I see a really fat Optimus Prime. Like morbidly obese fat. He should work out or something.


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