Thursday, March 31

Temporary Troll Thursday

EDIT: Try the Google Transcriber on the video for added perplexity.

I appreciate the responses from last week about responding to/in the comment area.  Food for thought.  Ironically, I feel compelled to address that in it's own post tomorrow.

I'm zapping an old YouTube account, but I still want to keep some of my older videos (non-inkblot related) online, so I am just jamming them on the Inkblot YouTube account.  Plus, I know a large portion of you love trolling above all else.  So why not share them here?  Also I was down and out for a bit and am not prepared for anything else today.

This was back in 2009, and I knew this guy found the idea of my (at the time imaginary) son wanting the Necronomicon for his birthday rather humorous.  Maybe you will too.

Don't worry, back to inkblots tommorow, and yes, I realize that "Temporary Troll Tuesday" would have a better alliteration-style ring to it, but I returned today, not Tuesday.


  1. That was good. I start my vacation tonight and this is making me start the last day of work with a giggle.

  2. Alliteration makes everything sound better ;D

  3. Welcome back sir... since you've been such a good sport with the rage comics, I owe you a couple of inkblots :D

  4. This one was easy! I see an excellent troll of a bookstore.. Well done, and most enjoyable!

  5. pff
    that dude seems like the type of person who would get naked and sacrifice a goat in the middle of a field at 3 in the morning during a full moon while reading out the necromromnononomomicon

  6. @Colin - Hah, I wondered how to spell that.

  7. I think that is probably the most interesting prank call I have ever heard. And the theme of your blog is very fascinating and creative. I am glad to say that I am following you now from here on out.

  8. Hahaha, that's effing hilarious. The devil horns thing was awesome.
    It's even funnier that I'm laughing out loud as my girlfriend is crying watching Grey's Anatomy. Hearing a guy laugh over his woman's cries is funny for anyone. I feel like an unsub from Criminal Minds.

    This also made me just check Amazon to see if they actually have it.


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